The Difference Between a Cracked Screen and a Broken LCD

You just dropped your phone and you suddenly realize that your screen is cracked. A quick call to the iPhone repair store to get the price for the fix reveals a question from the tech: “Did you crack the screen and the LCD or just the screen?”. Many are unfamiliar with the differences between the two. A cracked screen is a cracked screen, right? Not necessarily true.

The iPhone has a front screen over the LCD that acts as a layer of protection over the LCD. The LCD is a more important part of the two components as it is the part of the phone that is designed and engineered to display content; all the icons and text that appears on your phone. When the LCD is damaged it will not light up at all, or you will see black lines, black spots or part of the screen will be discolored.

To help understand the differences, it is best to use an analogy. Suppose you took your LCD TV and put it up against a window in your house. Now suppose you were to accidentally crack the window. You would still be able to see the TV clearly, but you would still see the cracks in the window. If you accidentally cracked the window and is so doing you also broke the TV, you would see cracks in both. That is essentially the difference between a cracked screen and a broken LCD.

So you dropped your cell phone and now have a cracked screen, but the LCD is still functioning normally. You realize that a couple of cracks in the screen aren’t that bothersome and continue to use your phone all the while ignoring the small cracks that have appeared. Unfortunately, even the smallest cracks in the screen have diminished the overall integrity of it and sooner or later the LCD will become damaged. That’s why it is important to get your screen repaired as soon as possible. Otherwise, the cost to fix your phone will go up once the LCD becomes damaged as well.

One way to protect against accidental screen or LCD damage is to have a screen protector installed as well as a case for the phone. The best kind to install is a tempered glass protector. This will provide a strong enough layer of protection. If the screen protector gets cracked, it is obviously a much less expensive fix than having to have a screen replacement. Most screen protectors cost less than $25 and can be installed in a matter of minutes.