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iPhone Battery Dying Fast? You Need To Read This

An iPhone battery that dies quickly might not necessarily be a bad battery. Welcome to power management 101. Learning to prolong your battery life is the best way to get the maximum from your iPhone battery charge. Follow these simple guidelines to keep your battery...

iPhone Repair: What to Know

You have a cell phone and it dropped on your marble counter top, resulting in a cracked screen. What do you now? What are the options? We at Isquad Repair in San Diego have become one of the most recognized iPhone and cell phone repair companies. Why is that? We...

iPhone Screen Repair: OEM vs. Aftermarket Screen

Looking for iPhone Repair in San Diego? At iSquad Repair you have two options. You can either get the OEM screen or the Aftermarket screen. What is the difference between the two for iPhone repair? The OEM screen is manufactured according to the specific standards of...