Miramar Rd: 858-240-2040
Santee: 619-399-3811
Carlsbad: 760-452-6133
Encinitas: 858-943-4222
Miramar Rd: 858-240-2040
Santee: 619-399-3811
Carlsbad: 760-452-6133
Encinitas: 858-943-4222

Get Your iPhone, iPad, or Galaxy Repaired in 30 Minutes or Less!

iSquad Repair has a location in Encinitas, CA that specializes in repairing iPhones, iPads, and Galaxy devices. It’s affordable, fast, and warranty-backed.

Repair was established in 2007, and since bringing its repair services to Encinitas it has fixed over 20,000 devices.

Even before the iPhone came to market, iSquad was here, repairing personal gadgets before the rest of em’. Which makes iSquad a repair shop people in Encinitas have relied on and continued to rely on … a shop people feel confident bringing their smartphones and tablets to for quick, reliable repairs.

Whether you need your screen replaced or your LCD returned to normal, iSquad Repair can help.

One of the main ways we help our customers in Encinitas and surrounding areas of San Diego is by offering a superior degree of convenience. And with iSquad, this convenience comes in the form of three main repair types: walk-in repair, on-site repair, or mail-in repair.

This means that you can come to us … have us come to you … or mail your broken device to us.

If you choose to come to our location or have one of our repair techs come to you, we can fix most problems in 30 minutes or less. And if you choose to mail in your device, we can mail it back to you – in repaired form – within 24 hours of receiving it.

Where We’re At, and How We Can Help …

“I visited the Encinitas location. Very friendly and quick service.  I would definitely recommend and use them again.”

– Yelp review by Sonia M.


What You Get, and Why We’re the Best …

iSquad also believes in providing transparency when it comes to pricing, so 1) you know if you can afford the repair and 2) if you’re better off doing the repair yourself.

Not sure if you should bring it to us or DIY? Read this only slightly bias article 😉

One main reason people with cracked screens, glitchy LCDs, water damage and other problems come to iSquad is because of our exceptional standard service offering. Whether you live in beautiful Encinitas and have your hesitations about our repair service or you’re already all on board.

Oh yeah, we’ve also been known to throw some free smartphone cases on our shop’s Christmas tree for our customers during the holiday season, if that sweetens the deal at all.

If you haven’t been able to tell already, we really do try our best to treat you – our amazing customers in Encinitas – like friends … even family. When it comes to screen replacements, button replacements, LCD repairs, water damage restoration, and everything else repair-related, we take pride in what we do. We also love what we do, which makes us one of the best repair shops in Encinitas.

With that said, let’s look at the prices.

“AWESOME! I dropped my iPad 3 and the glass shattered. It took 20 minutes for them to replace the glass PLUS they had a special for $99.00 to fix it. It looks brand new.

Thanks guys! Highly recommended.”

– Yelp review by Jaimie C.


Pricing for Repairs in Encinitas and Beyond

Note: Due to the recent release for some newer smartphone and tablet models, we’re still working out some repair prices. So if you come across your model and it says “call for pricing” … call for pricing 😉

We’ll give ya a free estimate, straight up.

iPhone Repairs

At iSquad Repair, we repair every iPhone model ever made. Everything from the iPhone 3G to the iPhone 5s.

In addition to repairing every model, we also make every kind of repair. Whether you dropped your iPhone on a hardwood floor when taking off the case for cleaning or dropped it on the pavement when getting out of the car, we replace screens quickly, correctly, and affordably.

We also replace broken buttons, LCDs, batteries, speakers, microphones, and so much more.

iPad Repairs

Watching your favorite movie on your iPad with a cracked screen … or not being able to watch a movie at all because of a damaged LCD.

These are the problems we’re passionate about fixing at iSquad Repair. And because your iPad is both your source of entertainment and how you stay connected to the world, we want to fix yours.

Just walk into our shop in Encinitas, CA and we’ll offer you a quick, affordable fix.

Samsung Galaxy and Note Repairs

There’s a reason why Samsung Galaxy and Note devices are the second most-purchased smartphones in the United States behind the iPhone. And with their grand displays and unique Android interfaces, it’s hard to use the devices in a form that’s less than perfect.

So when your Galaxy or Notes takes a dive and needs a quick, reliable repair, the guys at iSquad are here for ya.

Check out our prices below and get your Samsung device fixed today.

Get Back to Being Sexy Encinitas. Cause There’s Nothing Less Sexy than a Busted Smartphone or Tablet.

If you’ve made it all the way to the end of this page, congratulations. You understand how important it is to have a personal device that works AND looks good.

You also understand that you use your device every day, and aside from it being an information and communication tool, you realize it’s a fashion statement.

You know that because smartphones and tablets are used so much, people look at them and attach significance to them. Like when you’re out with a new group of people in Encinitas and someone asks, what kind of phone do you use, you know you don’t want to pull out an iPhone or Galaxy with a shattered screen ….

Instead you want to show off something that’s just as cool as you.

So you know that your smartphone and tablet are sexy showpieces, but you also know they’re what you use for personal communication, businesses communication, scheduling, coordinating, learning and everything else.

Which means that you’re ALWAYS looking at them.

So we ask you, shouldn’t they look beautiful?

We think they should, as do the thousands of people we serve every year. So if you’re worried about the time it will take to repair, the price it will cost to repair, or how assured the repair will be.

Rest assured that iSquad is always on your side as well. Because what we love more than being in the business of repairing smartphones and tablets is you – our customers in Encinitas.


With four locations, we complete iPhone, iPad, and Samsung Galaxy repairs for people in towns in and around the San Diego. Some of these towns include ...

Miramar | Encinitas | Santee | Carlsbad | Chula Vista | El Cajon | La Mesa| Escondido |Poway | San Marcos | Oceanside
Free Repair Estimates

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Like to pay once you are satisfied? With our Professional Service, you can do just that.

Same Day Service

Need you gadget as soon as possible? Items given back to you same day guaranteed.

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