Miramar Rd: 858-240-2040
Santee: 619-399-3811
Carlsbad: 760-452-6133
Encinitas: 858-943-4222
Miramar Rd: 858-240-2040
Santee: 619-399-3811
Carlsbad: 760-452-6133
Encinitas: 858-943-4222

Make iSquad Your Repair Shop of Choice, Escondido

We can fix your phone or tablet faster than you can say Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanokoniosis.

If you’re a resident of Escondido, California or even of this fine world in general, you may be relieved to discover that we’ve been around circa 2007, fixing phones and taking names. You see, we’re not amateurs when it comes to smartphone and tablet repairs. Since our establishment, we’ve repaired over 20,000 devices, and we can fix yours too – guaranteed.

We’ve been around since before the first iPhone, providing our customers with signature lifetime warranties on all OEM parts. And best of all, our repairs only take a mere 30-minutes or less meaning you can order a pizza while you wait!

Who Is iSquad Repair, You Ask?

iSquad may offer the same service-type as our competitors, but we are by no means indistinguishable. For example, everything at iSquad is guaranteed – lifetime warranties, our services, and even your satisfaction with those services.

Unlike our competitors, we’re all about making bold obligations that we’re willing to keep. Most importantly, however, we promise that we’ll get the job done in a professional, yet timely manner with a restored product – new phone smell and all.

We believe in providing our customers with as many options as possible. That way, we can appeal to the most widespread group of individuals. So, in turn, we’ve created three unique ways to get your phone or tablet fixed. As expected, you can just walk into the store and we’ll fix your device in less than 30 minutes. So far so good. Then, we’ll throw in a surprise by admitting that you also have the option to just mail-in your device, even if you’re not from the Escondido area. And last, but certainly not least, we swoop in with the convenient gesture of coming to you for the repair, whether you want to meet us at home, at the office, or even at a preferred local establishment.

What distinguishes us is that we always choose to put the customer first, whether it’s in our comparatively affordable pricing or our undeniably exceptional standard service offering.

At iSquad, our pricing isn’t hidden being some veil of secrecy. We like to inform you of our low prices upfront. Some competitors accompany their pricing web pages with the heavily demanding phrase “Call for pricing”, but not us! Our pricing is available directly on our site.

Of course, you could always just fix it yourself… Or so we thought before we sat down and read this horror story of a man who inaccurately assumed the same thing. Then again, another option would be to send your iPhone to the manufacturer for a fix. But according to this handy guide, that method would take much longer and cost much more than utilizing your friendly neighborhood iSquad Repair.

“Had a great experience here on 6/28/2014! They fixed my 5c and it looks like new. Great customer service too! Definitely recommend if you want to get your cracked iPhone screen fixed.”

– Yelp review by Mavette S.

Why Our Escondido Customers Choose Us

I’ve never seen so many consumer-friendly offerings in a single, solitary place. Caring for our locals this much should be illegal, Escondido. J

Beautiful. And hey, to top it all off, we’ve also established quite the reputation for decorating our trees with free smartphone cases during the holiday season – Ain’t nothin’ wrong with free!

We both know it’s not about the gifts. It’s about how our renowned, quality-assured services can lead an entire industry!

No one replaces screens and buttons quite like we do. With some of the most highly-trained, professional technicians in the business, iSquad is the only place you can really trust to get your phone or tablet fixed. But don’t take our word for it. Look at all of that acclaim we’ve been receiving on Yelp as of late!

With that in mind, why not check out our pricing below?

 “I hope nothing weird happens with my iPhone again, but if it does, I know where I’m taking it for all future repairs! Thanks, guys!”

-Yelp review by Jonelle O.

Repair Prices for Escondido and Beyond!

As for the transparent pricing I mentioned earlier, you may find that some models don’t have prices listed next to them, but before you panic, if you see your model accompanied by the words “Call for pricing”, just give us a call. We’ll quickly respond with whatever information you desire – no sales pressure added!

The reason for this slight complication is due to the array of devices releasing every single day and unlike our services, developing a standard price for each of these new machines can be a long and strenuous process. We want only the best for early adopters. Please be patient as we put forth our best efforts in establish new affordable pricing to correspond with the latest advancements in technology.

iPhone Repairs

iPhone repairs are, unsurprisingly, our forte. After all, we are iSquad Repair. Of course we repair every iPhone model since the iPhone 3G!

But did you know that we’ll also fix virtually any problem you seem to be having with your device. Not only will we replace your cracked screen, but we replace buttons, LCDs, batteries, speakers, microphones, and more!

Whether you ignored all suggestions that you don’t perform an at-home drop test or your gadgets somehow found their way into your swimwear, there’s no need to worry! We’ll restore your products to like-new condition at an abnormally low cost!

iPad Repairs

So, you want to sit back and watch Netflix tonight, but your iPad looks like it’s been through war. No biggie! We’ll provide your busted iPad with the fix it deserves.

Why continue to entertain yourself with ridiculous cat videos or indisputably hyperbolic literature when the screen itself is hardly visible?

We’ll fix every iPad since its second iteration, released in 2011, because we’re just that retro.

Samsung Galaxy and Note Repairs

Oh snap! Your screen just cracked. Now what? You’ve spent all of this time boasting your open-source operating system and your high-definition, yet overtly oversized display and now, everything you’ve worked for is gone.

Think again. We’ll have your Galaxy S or Note device back in its original form in no time at all! Well, 30 minutes, but basically no time! We cover legacy devices all the way back to the Galaxy S II and all the way back to the Note 2 for phablet phans.

Hey-o! You’ve made it to the end. *implied high-five*

Why not congratulate yourself with a gift. Might I recommend scheduling an appointment at iSquad Repair?

Now that we live in the future, it’s essential to always have a mobile device lurking somewhere nearby. And what’s a smartphone or tablet without optimal functionality? A device that needs to be fixed!

So while you wait for your phone to just suddenly repair itself over time, we’ll be over here conducting affordable fixes for evidently satisfied customers. And if you’re still not convinced, well, I guess I’ll just have to present you with this valuable information again.

How was that, eh? Even better the second time, of course. Give us a call and we’ll sort something out – guaranteed!


With four locations, we complete iPhone, iPad, and Samsung Galaxy repairs for people in towns in and around the San Diego. Some of these towns include ...

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