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iPad Repair in San Diego is what iSquad Repair does best. We have fixed thousands of iPads since our business inception, and continue to provide outstanding service to our customers. We fix it all. Be it a broken LCD or cracked screen, battery replacement, home button repair, or microphone replacement, you can rest assured the job will get done affordably and quickly. Bring your iPad to us for repair at one of our 7 locations.

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Common iPad Repair Issues and Solutions

The iPad is one of the top tablets on the market today and is a fine piece of equipment. Millions of people use the iPad on a regular basis for daily tasks and entertainment. While it is one of the best tablets around, it is not immune to problems and issues that need to be addressed and fixed. Below we show you some of the most common issues and offer a solution. If you have a specific question not addressed in this article, please contact us directly and we’ll try our best to find an answer.

iPad Will Not Charge

You may find that when you plug your iPad charging cable into the charging port, you are not seeing the battery indicator in charge mode. They are several possibilities as to why this might be the case. The first step is to reboot your iPad to rule out any software glitches. Try switching the charging cable to rule out any possibility that the cable is defective. One thing that has been reported is to switch the iPad to airplane mode to see if this allows the iPad to be charged. If none of these methods are successful, the next item to try is to have the charging port replaced. This is something that can be handled by iSquad Repair and takes about 30 minutes to replace.

iPad Screen is Cracked

One of the most common repair issues is when the iPad screen becomes cracked. iPad screen repair takes about 30 minutes and can restore your glass to brand new condition. The screen replacement process is carried out by our trained and certified technicians. What does the iPad screen replacement cost? It varies depending on model but ranges from $100-$200. The prices are a little higher if the LCD has also become cracked or damaged.

iPad is Running Slowly

Sometimes the iPad will begin to operate much slower than normal. You will notice applications becoming sluggish and generally, everything just happens a lot slower than when you first purchased. Sometimes this can be because of a need for an iPad battery replacement. When the battery degenerates, the iPad will slow down. It might also be because there are too many apps running on the iPad. Try removing some unwanted applications. The best solution is to do a complete factory reset to restore the iPad to factory condition.

Save $5 Off Your Repair When You Book Online!

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