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Many of us rely on our iPads. It is frustrating when something malfunctions. Even more so when the iPad screen is cracked and needs to be fixed. Whatever the issue might be, we at iSquad Repair have precision equipment required to fix the newer phones as well as the old. 

iPad 2, 3 and 4

Read More about iPad 2, 3 and 4 Repair including batteries, screens and cameras.

iPad Air 1 and 2

Read More about iPad Air 1 and 2 Repair including batteries, screens and cameras.

iPad Mini 1, 2 and 3

Read More about iPad Mini 1, 2 and 3 Repair including batteries, screens and cameras.

iPad Mini 4

Read More about iPad Mini 4 Repair including batteries, screens and cameras.

iPad 9.7

Read More about iPad 9.7 Repair including batteries, screens and cameras.

iPad 10.5

Read More about iPad 10.5 Repair including batteries, screens and cameras.

iPad Quick Answers

Customers questions about devices and our answers

We are compiling a list of common questions our customers ask about iPad repair. We will be adding to this list quite frequently.

If you want an immediate answer or just want to find out more information about iPhone repair, please contact us.

My iPad Isn't Holding a Charge

Most of the time it means that the battery needs to be replaced. While this isn’t always the case, to determine this it is best to have it diagnosed. Other things to look for include apps draining the battery. 

Cracked Screen

Has your iPad got a broken screen? Has the iPad got cracked glass? We offer the finest iPad LCD repair services in the industry. We can replace your iPad screen glass or the LCD if that is damaged, no questions asked. This repair will restore your iPad to as-new condition and fix the broken screen.

Battery Replacment

We offer iPad battery replacement services. If your iPad battery is not holding a charge or not charging at all, we can replace your iPad battery so your iPad has a battery life as good as new! If your iPad battery draining seems very fast, this also the service for you. 

Camera Replacement

Does your iPad camera need replacing? Has your iPad front camera or your iPad back camera become damaged? Has your iPad camera stopped working? We can help. We can replace the camera on your iPad to enable you to take pictures normally again.

Data Backup

Before bringing your iPad to us, we would advise where possible to make a backup of your iPad data via iCloud or iTunes. This is because some repairs require the iPad memory to be wiped, though we will do our very best to avoid having to wipe your device and will always discuss with you before wiping your device if it is required as part of the repair.

iPhone Screen Repair: OEM vs. Aftermarket Screen

Looking for iPhone Repair in San Diego? At iSquad Repair you have two options. You can either get the OEM screen or the Aftermarket screen. What is the difference between the two for iPhone repair?

Quality iPhone Repair in Rancho Bernardo is Coming Soon

Opening within two weeks, iSquad Repair, LLC will be opening a fifth location to serve the Greater San Diego area. Currently there are 4 stores. The new location is in Rancho Bernardo California. Due to the success of the four stores and the general welcoming of them...

iPhone Battery Dying Fast? You Need To Read This!

An iPhone battery that dies quickly might not necessarily be a bad battery. Welcome to power management 101. Learning to prolong your battery life is the best way to get the maximum from your iPhone battery charge. Follow these simple guidelines to keep your battery...

iPhone Repair: What to Know

You have a cell phone and it dropped on your marble counter top, resulting in a cracked screen. What do you now? What are the options? We at Isquad Repair in San Diego have become one of the most recognized iPhone and cell phone repair companies. Why is that? We...