Released in 2008, the iPhone 3G is still a favorite among a select group of iPhone users.  Which is why we carry the necessary equipment and skills that have allowed us to repair hundreds upon hundreds of iPhone 3G’s in San Diego and beyond.

  • SPECIAL! Screen Repair: $59.99  $39.99
  • LCD Repair: $39.99
  • Battery Replacement: $24.99

iPhone 3G Repair in San Diego and Beyond

It’s fair to say that we have iPhone 3G repairs down to a science.  Whether you recently switched to a smartphone and this is your first one or you’re adamant about keeping a device that’s never failed you, we can repair your 3G with the same precision we employed after its release in 2008.

Common problems with the iPhone 3G include hairline cracks in the screen or body and, after prolonged use, loss of battery life.  We can take care of all these issues in an affordable and timely manner.

Other iPhone 3G problems we fix: shattered screens, inky screens, broken cameras, busted home buttons, busted power buttons, damaged charging ports, scratchy speakers, staticy mics, water damage and everything else.

As promised,  we always offer free iPhone 3G repair estimates, a lifetime warranty on replaced OEM parts, fixed-before-you-pay service, and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Using one of our three methods of repair – walk-in, on-site, or mail-in repair – you can get back to using the iPhone you know and love.  If you don’t want to upgrade, there’s no need to.  Keep the original 3G that you’ve come to rely on and, using our repair service, rely on it for many more years to come.

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