Since its inception in 2010, the iPhone 4 has been praised as one of the most innovative iPhone models.  And because we have the most innovative iPhone 4 repair services in San Diego and beyond, you can always expect to get your damaged iPhone 4 back in impeccable condition.

  • SPECIAL! Screen Repair: $79.99  $49.99
  • Battery Replacement: $29.99
  • Back Glass Repair: $19.99
  • Charging Port Repair: $29.99
  • Power Button Repair: $29.99

iPhone 4 Repair in San Diego and Beyond

With the first iPhone to have a front-facing camera, it became an immediate favorite.

And it still is to this day.  But it’s not without its problems.

Just like every other smartphone, the iPhone 4 is prone to shattered screens, shoddy buttons and damage caused from falling into oceans, pools and yes … toilets.  But just because your iPhone 4 suffers damage from accidents doesn’t mean you have to bare the inconvenience of a shattered screen or spend hundreds of dollars on a brand new iPhone.  With the iPhone 4 repair services by iSquad Repair, you can return your iPhone to its original condition at a much lower price.

Other iPhone 4 problems we fix: inky screens, broken cameras, busted home buttons, busted power buttons, damaged charging ports, used-up batteries, scratchy speakers, staticy mics, water damage and everything else.

As promised,  we always offer free iPhone 4 repair estimates, a lifetime warranty on replaced OEM parts, fix-before-you-pay service, and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Choose one of our convenient repair solutions today.  Either walk in our store in San Diego, call for on-site repair, or mail in your iPhone 4 for a quick fix from anywhere in the country.  The choice is yours.   And regardless of the solution you choose, we’ll always provide you with a free estimate and quick turnaround time.

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