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An iPhone battery that dies quickly might not necessarily be a bad battery. Welcome to power management 101. Learning to prolong your battery life is the best way to get the maximum from your iPhone battery charge. Follow these simple guidelines to keep your battery optimized:

  1. Turn off phone, wifi, and Bluetooth when you don’t need it.
  2. Keep phone at room temperature.
  3. Don’t keep brightness at 100%.
  4. Turn off battery intense features like facebook autoplay
  5. Use low power mode when possible.
  6. Disable location services.
  7. Disable all push notifications (only use fetch).

Following these simple guidelines will optimize your iPhone battery quite a bit. There are also many apps in the iPhone App Store that will automatically optimize your battery life. If you ever have any questions about your iPhone or how to configure, one of our friendly staff members will be happy to assist you.

Feel free to send us a message if you have any questions or concerns. We also have 4 locations to serve throughout San Diego County.