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Why Us for iPhone Repair?

- 100% satisfaction guaranteed
- Lifetime warranty on all replacement parts
- Original phone displays available
- Fix before you pay service
- Free iPhone repair estimates

iPhone Repairs Made Easy

For owners of iPhones, getting a cracked screen replaced, changing a battery or replacing the home button is part of owning one. Here at iSquad repair, we have you covered. Our professionally trained staff will make the repair process as easy as possible.

Only the Best Repair Parts are UsedWe have been fixing iPhones since smartphones first started appearing on the market. We are connected with the best resources to get top quality parts that are used in all of our repairs.

Replace Your iPhone Cracked Screen Before Buying a New Phone!

Seeing texts pictures through a cracked iPhone screen can be annoying, but why replace your entire phone just because one part is damaged? We started iSquad as an iPhone repair shop eight years ago to bring affordable options to customer without breaking the bank.

Start Taking Pictures Again! We Do iPhone Camera Replacement

Has your iPhone camera stopped working? One of the best features of an iPhone is always have a camera ready to take the next shot. When the camera breaks, we are here to replace it.

One of our professional iPhone technicians can replace the camera within 30 minutes, and also perform some tests to make sure all if functioning well. All of the parts we use are high quality, with a lifetime performance warranty.

Is your iPhone Battery Dying Quickly? Probably Time for an iPhone Battery Replacement

While there are other possible causes for this, it is usually time for an iPhone battery repair. While it is possible to replace the iPhone battery yourself, but we do not recommend this approach. This is because iPhone devices use a lot of glue and other materials you’ll have to pry through to replace the battery. Bring it to the experts at iSquad Repair and we’ll replace it with a smile.

Skip the Rice and Bag! Bring your iPhone with Water Damage In Today!

While there are several ways to deal with iPhone water damage, the best solution is to get it to a repair tech as soon as possible. What is the iphone water damage repair cost? We will be able to tell you once we do a free diagnostic on it. Forget the rice in a plastic bag! Bring it to iSquad Repair Rancho Bernardo.

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