iphone repair san diego cracked screenLooking for iPhone Repair in San Diego? At iSquad Repair you have two options. You can either get the OEM screen or the Aftermarket screen. What is the difference between the two for iPhone repair? The OEM screen is manufactured according to the specific standards of Apple. It’s going to be a little brighter and more durable. The aftermarket screen is less expensive for those on a budget and it’s not quite as bright. It has all the same functionality has the OEM screen.

Here’s the bottomline: If you are on a tight budget, iSquad Repair recommends going with the Aftermarket screen. You will find the differences very subtle and your iPhone will work just like the original screen. If budget is not an issue, the OEM screen is the better route.

Visit us today at one of our four locations and we’ll be happy to show you the difference between the two with our floor models on display. You can relay on iSquad Repair to get your iPhone up and running in no time.

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