iPhone XS Max Screen Repair

The Apple iPhone XS Max is the flagship model of the iPhone. With its high-end dual cameras that have the best picture quality available in a smartphone, a fast processor, and flawless design, it is by far one of the Apples’ top models. At iSquad Repair, we specialize in fixing any and all issues that might come up. We do screen repair, screen replacement, battery replacement, liquid damage repair, and much more.

iPhone XS Repair Prices:

Screen RepairPrice
iPhone XS$129.99
iPhone XS Max$149.99
Battery RepairPrice
iPhone XS$99.99
iPhone XS Max$99.99
Charging Port RepairPrice
iPhone XS$99.99
iPhone XS Max$109.99
Back Glass RepairPrice
iPhone XS$129.99
iPhone XS Max$139.99
Back Camera RepairPrice
iPhone XS$149.99
iPhone XS Max$149.99
iphone xs plus screen repair
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Save $5 Off Your Repair When You Book Online!

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                <h2><strong>iPhone XS Screen Replacement</strong></h2>
                <p>Is your iPhone screen not looking so great? We have been carrying out iPhone LCD repair since
                    2009, and we guarantee all our iPhone XS Max screen repairs with a lifetime warranty. We will
                    make your iPhone XS Max great again. Has your phone got cracked glass? We offer the finest
                    iPhone LCD repair services in the industry. We can replace your screen glass or the LCD if that
                    is damaged, no problem! This repair will restore your device to an as-new condition and fix the
                    broken screen.</p>
                <h2><strong>iPhone XS Water Damage</strong></h2>
                <p>So your iPhone XS Max has taken a swim and is a bit worse for weak. No matter! We at iSquad
                    Repair offer repair services for iPhones that have suffered water damage. The iPhone XS Max is
                    IP67 water-resistant and can survive up to 1m for 30 minutes, but not fully waterproof and is
                    still vulnerable to damage when immersed in water, especially if the seals are defective or the
                    water has chemicals (e.g a swimming pool).<br>If you have dropped your iPhone in your beer or
                    the bath and it has rendered your device unusable, we can restore your phone to working
                    condition, along with any data you may have saved on your phone! So do not worry, your phone is
                    safe with us. It is important, however, that you get your phone to us as soon as possible after
                    a water damage event so we can repair any damage quickly, otherwise, the components inside may
                    corrode, complicating repairs.</p>