Miramar Rd: 858-240-2040
Santee: 619-399-3811
Carlsbad: 760-452-6133
Encinitas: 858-943-4222
Miramar Rd: 858-240-2040
Santee: 619-399-3811
Carlsbad: 760-452-6133
Encinitas: 858-943-4222

We’re the iPhone Repair Shop You’ve Been Looking For, La Mesa

iSquad Repair has been fixing phones and tablets since ’07.

If you’re located in the La Mesa area and have a damaged iPhone, iPad, or Samsung Galaxy device, you’re in luck! As pioneers of the industry, considering our experience in iPhone repairs since 2007 and our history of over 20,000 repaired devices, iSquad Repair is the rare example of a company that can guarantee successful results.

We’ve been around since before the iPhone was born, providing our customers with a lifetime warranty on all of our OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts. And best of all, our repairs take less than 30 minutes, meaning you can visit us on your lunch break!

Where We’re Located and How We Can Help…

But how is iSquad any different from our competitors? Boy, am I glad you asked! We offer a 100% guarantee on all of our services. We guarantee a lifetime warranty on all of our OEM parts. We even guarantee your satisfaction.

We’re aren’t about making empty promises. iSquad Repair thrives on being the one company you can trust to stick to our obligations. Most importantly of all, we promise that you’ll walk out of our shop with a like-new smartphone or tablet and a smile!

Additionally, we find satisfaction in providing our customers with as many options as possible. That’s why we’ve given you three distinctive ways to get your mobile device fixed. You can mail-in your smartphone or tablet from virtually anywhere and we’ll send it back within 24 hours of receiving it, you can stop by one of our three locations for our 30-minute quick fix, or we can visit you at a preferred location, whether it be at a coffee shop, your home, or your office. Just fill out the form on this page to schedule a repair today!

Convenience is a highly-regarded factor at iSquad Repair. We believe that, for some, it may be easier to mail-in your device, while for others, you would prefer to visit us in person at our shop. We’re location independent for your benefit. That’s what distinguishes us from the competition.

 “Awesome!! For $30, [iSquad Repair] fixed my water soaked iPhone 5s! Fast and friendly service. Comfortable waiting area.

– Yelp Review by V.W.

Why La Mesa Love Us

I’ve never seen so many consumer-friendly offerings in a single, solitary place. Caring for our locals this much should be illegal, Escondido. J

Beautiful. And hey, to top it all off, we’ve also established quite the reputation for decorating our trees with free smartphone cases during the holiday season – Ain’t nothin’ wrong with free!

We both know it’s not about the gifts. It’s about how our renowned, quality-assured services can lead an entire industry!

No one replaces screens and buttons quite like we do. With some of the most highly-trained, professional technicians in the business, iSquad is the only place you can really trust to get your phone or tablet fixed. But don’t take our word for it. Look at all of that acclaim we’ve been receiving on Yelp as of late!

With that in mind, why not check out our pricing below?

“Have had to go [to iSquad Repair] 3 times for different problems with my iPhone. Each time, they fixed it at really reasonable rates. And they did some extra fixes just to be nice for free. The waiting area is really comfortable, but I prefer talking to them while they tinker away because they are all really, really nice. I have observed other customers come in, and their customer service is the best. Everyone leaves happy.”

“This place is great. The staff is super friendly, helpful, and fast. A few different colleagues of mind recommended them. I paid about $118 with tax to fix my broken iPhone 5s screen, and they also repaired my camera.”

-Yelp Review by Adeline F.

Pricing for Repairs in La Mesa and Beyond!

A bit of disclaimer here. If you’re expecting pricing for every device model, we apologize in advance. You see, with new phones and tablets hitting the market each and every day, it’s tough to establish pricing for each device as quickly as we’re able to fix them.

So, unfortunately, you will see that pestering “Call for pricing” text accompanying some of these devices. Don’t worry, though. When you call, we promise that a simple phone call won’t suddenly transform into a sales interrogation, and rather, we’ll just give you the information you’re looking for.

Pricing for iPhone Repairs

It shouldn’t come as a surprise when we say that iPhones are our specialty. I mean, look at our name for cryin’ out loud! But I’d bet you had no idea that we support an entire legacy of iPhone devices – including everything from the iPhone 3G to the latest and greatest Apple handsets.

Not only that, but we’ll fix virtually any problem known to man that you could have possibly encountered with your iPhone. Whether you have mistaken your iPhone for a donut, haphazardly dunking it in your morning coffee or you decided to let your goldfish borrow it, we don’t judge! Just bring your iPhone on in to iSquad Repair and we’ll restore it to its original state.

We’ll replace your buttons, LCDs, batteries, speakers, microphones, and practically anything else on your iPhone so that you don’t have to!

Isn’t it nice to have friends you can count on? 🙂


iPad Repairs

Yeah, yeah, yeah. We know the drill. But you’ve got to stop using your iPad as a Frisbee! Oh well. We’ll cover the repair for you this time (and next time too, of course).

Fortunately for you, we fix every iPad model since the iPad 2. That’s every model that’s released since 2011. How “nostalgic”.


Pricing for Samsung Galaxy and Note Repairs

How can you even see your phone when the entire screen is broken up into fragments? Why not just get that Samsung Galaxy S or Note device fixed?

Why have one of the top cell phone/tablet lines on the market if you’re just going to continue using it after it’s been deemed unusable? Especially since it’s so cheap for us to repair it. We cover every Galaxy S device since the S II and every Note since the Note II. So why Note get it fixed? And how about I just stop now while I’m ahead…

Why Wait, Escondido? Get Your Phone or Tablet Fixed Today!

Congratulations, young Padawan. You have read this entire page. Hooray for being informed!

To celebrate your achievement, how about scheduling an appointment? Surely, you deserve it.

In this day and age, it’s important to always have your phone at your side, fully functional and readily awaiting that phone call where you’ve just won yourself the lottery. We all know it’s going to happen, and when it does, you’ll know exactly where to take your gold-plated iPhone when someone spills cranberry juice on it.

In the meantime, however, let’s take another look at iSquad Repair’s exceptional service offering…

And we can’t stress enough that everything we offer is guaranteed. And even in a world where a fish is capable of playing video games on the internet, guarantees are a rarity from any organization.


With four locations, we complete iPhone, iPad, and Samsung Galaxy repairs for people in towns in and around the San Diego. Some of these towns include ...

Miramar | Encinitas | Santee | Carlsbad | Chula Vista | El Cajon | La Mesa| Escondido |Poway | San Marcos | Oceanside
Free Repair Estimates

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