iPhone Repair in Miramar with Lifetime Warranty

We Fix Mobile Devices in Miramar with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

iSquad Repair is based in San Diego and specializes in repairing iPhones, iPads, and Samsung Galaxy handsets.

For over years now, we’ve been providing our customers with the most affordable quality-assured tech repairs around, with a broad history of over 20,000 unique device fixes.

Consider us pioneers of the industry.

After all, we were around even before the iPhone’s first shipment, preparing ourselves for the day in which one of the most life-changing technologies of all-time would hit store shelves.

We’re the only shop you can genuinely trust to have your product repaired in 30 minutes or less with a lifetime warranty on all replacement parts.

Hesitant to stop by? It’s understandable.

But why not give us a call, or stop by and talk it over with one of our friendly qualified technicians?

Just think about how nice it’s going to be to use your device without that cracked screen, glitchy LCD, popped button, or busted charging port.


Where We’re At and the Repair Options We Offer …

So, how do we uniquely benefit the Miramar area, you ask? We do so by offering a comfortable measure of friendly service that will make you as satisfied as we are when serving our you. Naturally, being the most convenient mobile device repair location brings us even further fulfillment as we are proudly able to offer three different means of repair.

You can mail your device in, have it repaired on-site, or even engage in the traditional walk-in method of repair.

As always, more options = happier customers.

Best of all, there is no “slow” option. Reward us with an in-person visit, and we’ll have the device in brand-spanking-new condition within 30 minutes. Mail it in, and we’ll ship it back within 24 hours of receiving it.

I had taken my phone to Gravity Repair for a glass replacement that would run me $60 bucks. They ended up breaking my lcd and even messed up the voice command. I had to pay extra for the lcd ($200) and within 2 days of use the glass lcd broke.  I got my money back and my phone in pieces … literally in pieces.

Took my money back and my phone pieces and took it to the pros at iSquad Repair. Best move ever. These guys fixed it in less than 15 and I couldn’t believe it. My smile came back grinning like a kid on Christmas.

– Yelp Review by Alejandro M.


Our Feature-Rich Services and Zero-BS Guarantees Set Us Apart From other Repair Shops in Miramar

At iSquad Repair, we can assure you that our pricing models are both transparent and appealing. We realize how frustrating it can be when you need to “call for more information”. So, in response to this conundrum, we’ve done what other companies have refused to do for whatever reason – we’ve listed the prices on our site and here so that you aren’t inconvenienced.

Additionally, giving you the prices up-front makes it easier for you to decide whether or not you should just conduct the repair on your own, which according to this only slightly biased article, you probably shouldn’t.

Still unsure as to whether or not you should bring your damaged tech to iSquad? Maybe these complimentary offers will help you decide.

And hey, we also have quite the reputation for decorating our Christmas trees with free phone cases during the holidays!

Of course, it really isn’t about the free exclusive bonuses or what have you. Our services are renowned for standing on their own as the best in the biz. But don’t take our word for it; just ask our customers on Yelp. As San Diego local Chris H. once said in reference to our business, “Wow! Impeccable service. Is this really happening in America?”

Impeccable service indeed. No one replaces screens and buttons quite like we do. With a special set of tools and a healthy dose of passion, iSquad really is the most trustworthy place to take your blemished iPhone in the Miramar, San Diego area.

With that being said, take a quick glance at the prices we so heavily boast.

I shattered the front glass on my iPhone 4S and the guys at iSquad repaired the phone in 30 min while I waited. The employees were very courteous and they did a great job on the repair. The repair price was $59.99; including tax = $64.79. Conveniently located near the Marine Corps Air Station. Highly recommended!

– Yelp Review by John T.


Pricing for Repairs in Miramar and Beyond

Note: Due to the state of the industry, new smartphone and tablet models release just about every single day. This makes it difficult to establish new pricing at the same pace as each device’s respective release window. If it just so happens that there’s a model accompanied by the largely intimidating phrase “call for pricing”, we’re just a phone call away.

We’ll give you the information you’re looking for. No questions asked.

Pricing for iPhone Repairs

Hence the name iSquad, we repair just about every iPhone model you can think of – everything from the iPhone 3G to the 5s.

Not only that, but we also aren’t afraid to tackle any repair challenge thrown at us. Drop your iPhone on concrete? Got it. Regardless of the issue at hand, we’ll fix your iPhone with caution and extreme care, the way it’s meant to be done.

We replace buttons, LCDs, batteries, speakers, microphones, and just about everything else so that you don’t have to.

Pricing for iPad Repairs

Reading your favorite Stephen King novel on an iPad with a shattered display isn’t reading at all. Luckily, we can offer you the quick fix you deserve because in this day and age, tablet reading is where it’s at, and you wouldn’t read a book in which every page is ripped, would you?

Just stop by and say hi at our shop in San Diego and we’ll do what it takes to efficiently replace your cracked screen at a rapid pace.

Pricing for Samsung Galaxy and Note Repairs

What’s the point of having the complete, open-source nature of Android in the palm of your hand when you can barely see what you’re doing? Don’t settle for a cracked screen when we can fix it at a negligible cost.

So when your Galaxy S or Note decides to go for a swim, we’ll restore it to its original state, expanded storage support and all.

Get Back to Being Top Gun, Miramar. We Can Be Your Wingmen Anytime.

Bravo. You made it to the end of the page. Now you know how essential it is to carry around an attractive device that’s actually functional.

In an age where the Internet floods the cornerstones of our lives, it’s important that we maintain the conditions of the devices that connect us to such an increasingly vital work tool.

When an employer or prospect sees you carrying around a device with a busted screen, they may not trust that you’ll handle your job any differently than your phone.

We know that you’re a real professional. So take care of your stuff just as much as you would a job, and once again, find peace in the following:

iSquad is your friend – treat it as such. Give us a call, and we’ll give you the best we’ve got, Miramar.

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