iPhone 5c Repair

Not even the polycarbonate casing of the iPhone 5c can rescue your screen from pavement-bound plunges.  That’s why we make it our mission to offer quick, dependable iPhone 5c repairs in San Diego and beyond.  Join our 20,000+ family of satisfied iPhone customers and get the repair you need from our San Diego-based repair shops today.


  • SPECIAL! Screen Repair: $59.99
  • Battery Replacement
  • Power Button Repair
  • Home Button Repair

iPhone 5c Repair in San Diego and Beyond

When the iPhone 5c was released alongside the 5s in September 2013, we immediately began investigating the iPhone 5c in order to offer the absolute best 5c repair in San Diego and throughout the country.  After exploring the new components of the 5c and conducting tireless repair testing, we combined our 5+ years of iPhone repair experience with our new knowledge to offer the best iPhone 5c repairs around.

Because the iPhone 5c was a one-of-a-kind release, we paid special attention to new measurements, internal/external configurations, and parts unseen in other iPhone models.  Now, after repairing many 5c problems for many different customers, we like to think we’ve raised the bar for what an exceptional 5c repair means.

As mentioned above, the 5c differs from other iPhone models in respect to its polycarbonate casing and various color schemes.  What we’ve noticed is that the polycarbonate casing is effective at holding different color but not necessarily breaking long falls.  For this reason, we offer the same exceptional screen repair service we do for other iPhones models along with repair services related to other 5c problems.

Other iPhone 5c problems we fix: inky screens, broken cameras, scratchy speakers, staticy mics, home buttons, power buttons, and everything else.

As promised,  we always offer free iPhone 5c repair estimates, a lifetime warranty on replaced OEM parts, fix-before-you-pay service, and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Whether you live in San Diego or elsewhere in the United States, iSquad has the experience, skills, and special equipment needed to make sure all of your iPhone 5c repairs are successful repairs.  If your iPhone 5c is less than you expect because of an accident, rely on one of our three iPhone repair types for the quick, affordable fix you need.  Walk it in to one of our two locations, have us come to you, or mail it in.  The choice is yours.

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