With the iPhone 6 Plus, Apple classifies its repairs into 3 different categories: screen, battery, and other. The most frequent case is a screen replacement due to cracking or bending. The replacements for the bending of the screen is a more unusual case because it can simply be caused by carrying the iPhone in your pocket. Let our experts at iSquad Repair be the ones to resolve any of your iPhone repair needs; our credibility and professionalism is unmatched and we guarantee your satisfaction with our services.



  • Screen Repair: $79.99
  • New Year Madness Special: $69.99
  • Battery Replacement
  • Power Button Repair
  • Home Button Repair 

iPhone 6 Plus Repair in San Diego and Beyond

 Here at iSquad Repair, we are fully capable to handle all of your iPhone repairs. Whether it be screen repair, button repairs, water damage restoration, or any of the other repairs listed below; let our professional diagnostic team assess the issues and give you a quote to resolve the problems so you can get back to enjoying your iPhone 6 Plus.


Other iPhone 6 Plus problems we fix: inky screens, broken cameras, scratchy speakers, staticy mics, and everything else.


As promised, we always offer free iPhone 6 Plus repair estimates, a lifetime warranty on replaced OEM parts, fix-before-you-pay service, and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


The iPhone 6 Plus is not your typical iPhone with its 5.5” display screen and most efficient rechargeable lithium-ion battery; giving it the battery life to last longer than ever before, and making its technologic functionality far superior to any of its counterparts. It is not only much larger and faster, but is also made more thin and sleek. Its enhanced HD Retina display is unequivocal to any other iPhone in its past, including the iPhone 6, with its 1920-by-1080 pixel resolution. Let our iSquad repair specialists take a look at your iPhone 6 Plus and give you an estimate for repair. We will fix any repairs you need in a timely manner and at a great price!


Your iPhone 6 Plus will be in good hands, just simply bring it in and let us fix your phone promptly and return it to you like new! We offer same day turn around so you will have your phone back in no time!

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