Miramar Rd: 858-240-2040
Santee: 619-399-3811
Carlsbad: 760-452-6133
Encinitas: 858-943-4222
Miramar Rd: 858-240-2040
Santee: 619-399-3811
Carlsbad: 760-452-6133
Encinitas: 858-943-4222

How May We Be of Service, Poway?

iSquad Repair has been your community’s iPhone repair shop of choice since 2007.

If you’re in a rut over a broken device, you’ll be elated to discover that you’re actually in luck. iSquad Repair has been a renown tech repair shop since 2007, having delightfully repaired over 20,000 devices since opening our doors to the public. In turn, as long as the device you’re encountering issues with is an iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Samsung Galaxy device, we’ve got you covered for a much more affordable cost than any of our competitors, including Apple themselves.

Since before the iPhone even hit the market, we have been providing our loyal customers of Poway with lifetime warranties on all of our OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts. Most notably, all of our walk-in repairs take only a half hour or less to complete.

Where in the World Is iSquad Repair?

The question remains, though. How do we distinguish ourselves from the competition? Unlike some tech repair locations, we offer a 100% guarantee on all of our services. Not only that, but all replacement parts are accompanied by a guaranteed lifetime warranty.

iSquad doesn’t make empty promises. The proof is in our customer reviews on Yelp. But we don’t limit our customers to only one repair method. In fact, we have three different repair types listed and detailed on our site.

  1. The walk-in repair is the conventional 30-minute repair type that requires you to actually stop by one of our three locations.
  2. If you live nearby and would rather have us come to you for the repair, schedule an on-site repair appointment using the form on this page and we’ll get back with you as soon as humanly possible.
  3. Our mail-in repair option is best for those who live remotely or for those who don’t feel like driving 20 minutes to get to us. (We all have those days.) In this case, we will mail your repaired device back to you within 24 hours of receiving it.

Without giving you options, what should be a convenience becomes an unsavory experience depending on personal circumstances. Fortunately, for our customers based in the Poway area, our three repair types are decidedly respectful of your limitlessly differentiating agendas. Tolerance is what distinguishes us from our competition.

“WOW! I took a Samsung Galaxy S4 in with a broken LCD. I was in and out with a like-new phone in 10 minutes. The waiting lounge is nice and clean. The technician was friendly and quick.  I would highly recommend them.”

-Yelp Review by Michael G.


Why Poway ❤’s iSquad Repair

Incredible. Some places may offer free estimates or same-day-service, but finding all of these exceptional standard service offerings in one place is a rare feat.

To top it all off, we’re prone to decorate our trees with free smartphone cases during the holidays — free smartphone cases, ladies and gentlemen. Not that it’s a competition, but I’d say we’ve won.

While we’re perfectly aware that you aren’t in it for the gifts when you go out to get your iPhone fixed, that’s just a reward for putting up with our renowned, quality-assured services that have been leading this industry for over four years!

No one fixes screens and buttons quite like we do. At iSquad, we helm some of the most highly-trained professional technicians in the biz. Even more importantly, you’ll be greeted with a smile when you walk in our doors to a cozy waiting lounge unlike any other.

Now, I know you’re eager to investigate the pricing we’ve so wearily boasted up to this point, so here it is — the moment you’ve been waiting for. Drum roll please!

“I’m back 4 months after my last repair. For some reason my display wasn’t coming up, so I called he shop again and they told me to come in. I came in, explained the issue to the gentleman helping me, and he just took it and said they’d take care of it! I couldn’t believe how easy it was. I waited 30 minutes in their nice little waiting area and before I knew it the repair was done, they handed me my phone, and I was out the door. Though it was unfortunate that I had to come back (because who likes it when they need to get their phone fixed?), I’m glad I came back to these guys.”

-Yelp Review by Simon S.

Repair Pricing for Poway and Beyond!

Unfortunately, as new devices continue to release each day, it’s impossible to establish prices for new phones and tablets as quickly as we’re able to fix ’em. If you see that boisterous “Call for pricing” text lying next to the model you need repaired, please don’t hesitate to call. We promise to provide you with the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

iPhone Repair

I doubt it will come as a shock when you discover that iPhone repairs have always been our specialty, but did you know that we continue to support a wide array of legacy iPhone devices — including everything from the iPhone 3G to the latest and greatest of Apple’s creations? I’d bet you did not!

Not only do we fix every iPhone to date, but we’ll fix virtually any problem you’ve encountered with the device as well. Whether you mistakenly used your iPhone as a bar of soap or your dog was hungry for a quick byte to eat, we’ll fix any components that need fixing so that you can walk out of our shop with a like-new device in no time at all!

We replace all buttons, LCDs, batteries, speakers, microphones, and essentially anything else that needs replacing.


iPad Repair

The iPad is probably the best way to experience Apple’s lustrous iOS computing environments, but that’s not the case when your screen looks like an unseemly spiderweb. Get back to having the best tech in town, Poway. Schedule an appointment today and we’ll have your iPad restored to its original state-of-the-art condition — guaranteed!


Samsung Galaxy S, Note, and Tab

As a Samsung Galaxy owner, it’s important to have your phone, tablet, or God forbid — “phablet” — actually function. Why am I telling you this? It’s a strange, yet common tendency for the average consumer to continue using their phone even after the screen is completely busted. We don’t completely understand this trend, but we do know that we can fix your Samsung Galaxy S, Note, or Tab at a generous price.

So, come on down to your friendly neighborhood iSquad and we’ll make sure your Galaxy is back to being suitable for our universe.

You made it to the end of the road, loyal reader. It’s time to gift yourself a repair.

Schedule an appointment today and stop holding off on getting your phone or tablet fixed. Trust us; it will only get worse as you continue to use your damaged device.

As time goes on, it’s becoming increasingly more important to have technology by your side. Whether it be an iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy S, Note, or Tab device, we’ll fix it to your liking — guaranteed!

Still not sure if you should let us care for your device? That’s awfully concerning, but okay. Here’s another look at iSquad Repair’s EXCEPTIONAL. STANDARD. SERVICE. OFFERING. (Dramatic pause)

After reading all of this, surely you’re going to give us a call, right!? We look forward to working for you. 🙂


With four locations, we complete iPhone, iPad, and Samsung Galaxy repairs for people in towns in and around the San Diego. Some of these towns include ...

Miramar | Encinitas | Santee | Carlsbad | Chula Vista | El Cajon | La Mesa| Escondido |Poway | San Marcos | Oceanside
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