Samsung Note 8 Repair

The best thing to do when your Note 8 has a cracked screen is to find a shop that does Note 8 screen replacement both professionally and with a guarantee. We at iSquad Repair give you both of those. Our prices are very competitive and we aim to please the customer first. All of our work is 100% guaranteed against manufacturer’s defect and labor. If you are not completely satisfied, we will redo your repair at no charge. We strive to make Note 8 screen repair a positive experience for you. Stop by and see us at one of our 7 locations throughout San Diego

Note 8 Repair Prices:

Screen RepairPrice
Note 8 Screen Repair$169.99
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • We Fix Before You Pay
  • Free iPhone Repair Estimates
  • Lifetime Warranty on Replaced Parts
  • Most Repairs in 30 Minutes or Less
  • Certified Techs Perform All Repairs

Full Service iPhone Repair

  • Battery Replacement
  • Back Camera Repair
  • Charging Port Repair
  • Motherboard Repair
  • Front and Back Camera Repair
  • Microphone Repair
note 8 screen repair and battery replacement
Samsung Note 8 Repair
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Help! My Galaxy Note 8 Plus Has Water Damage

It is a fact that more water damaged phones come into our shop during the summer months than the rest of the year. Many spend more time at the beach, in the pool, or in many other areas with lots of water. More water means more chances for dropping your Note 8 in the water! While there are many gimmicks available to stop water damage, the best thing to do is to bring it into our shop as soon as possible. This way we have the opportunity to immediately high-pressure air through the open ports and rapidly clear out any liquid or moisture. Bring your water damaged (or recently dropped in water) to us and we’ll give you a free diagnostic, followed by the price to repair your phone.

Is Your Samsung Note 8 Audio Jack Not Working?

You plug in your headset to the audio jack but you hear no sound. What could be the problem? There are several possibilities.

  • Verify that your headset is actually working. Try it on another device to determine this.
  • Make sure Bluetooth is not connecting your device to another sound device.
  • Use a little rubbing alcohol to clean out the audio jack.
  • Check audio settings to make sure nothing is muted.

If you have verified that all of the above are not causing the lack of sound, it’s time to take to a repair shop to determine the cause. At iSquad Repair, we give you a free diagnostic and will replace your Note 8 audio jack, if that is the issue, within 30 minutes. Bring it by and we’ll get you back into the music!