Samsung Galaxy S10, S10E, S10 Plus and S10 5G Repair

Samsung Galaxy S10 Issues? We Got You Covered!

Samsung produced three smartphones in their Galaxy S10 series, the Galaxy S10, S10e, and S10 Plus, along with the brand new Galaxy S10 5G. Each smartphone was a massive improvement over its predecessor with better processors, better cameras, and water resistance.

We can fix your broken Samsung Galaxy S10! We have access to all of the latest replacement parts. You can also get your phone fixed while you wait. We also provide a lifetime warranty on our parts. Let us repair your broken Samsung Galaxy S10!

Samsung S10 Repair Prices:

Screen RepairPrice
Samsung S10 Screen Repair$169.99
Samsung S10E Screen Repair$129.99
Samsung S10 Plus Screen Repair$179.99
Samsung S10 5G Screen Repair$179.99
samsung galaxy s10 screen repair
Samsung S10 Screen Repair

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Samsung S10 Screen Replacement

When you have a Samsung Galaxy S10 with a broken screen, it can be frustrating. Replacing your screen yourself may seem like a complicated endeavor, but we’re here to tell you it’s not. Our in-house technicians specialize in Samsung Galaxy S10 screen repairs and replacements, so when something goes wrong with your phone, we know exactly how to help. No matter where you purchased your device—including third-party resellers—we are confident that we can repair your screen.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Battery Replacement

Sometimes your phone will not hold a charge, or it may hold a charge very slowly. This can be caused by an issue with your battery. If you’re getting less than optimal performance from your phone, a replacement battery may help. Our expert technicians can replace your Samsung Galaxy S10 battery and get you back up and running in no time.

With a variety of battery replacement options available, we have solutions for every budget! Whether you need a battery replacement for your Galaxy S10, or if you want to upgrade from an older model, we have what you need at prices that won’t break the bank! Contact us today to schedule an appointment and get back up and running with a fully functional battery!

Samsung Galaxy S10 Charging Port Replacement

The charging port on your phone is what allows power to flow into your device when it is plugged in. Over time, these ports can become damaged or can stop working properly. If you are experiencing issues with charging your phone, our technicians can help you repair or replace your charging port so that you can charge and use your phone again.

Samsung S10 Water Damage Repair

If you’ve just purchased a new Samsung S10 and accidentally spilled a little water on it or put it through an unfortunate run-in with your pool or faucet, don’t panic. A tiny amount of water doesn’t kill off our smartphones—but it can cause some pretty annoying issues. If you’re having trouble charging your phone, don’t risk making things worse by blowing into the charging port. Call iSquad Repair in San Diego. The Pros at iSquad can help solve your liquid damage problem and get you back in action in no time.