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Samsung S8 and S8 Plus Repair

Samsung S8 and S8 Plus Screen Repair and Replacement, Battery Replacement, and Back Camera Replacement

  • Samsung S8 screen repair
  • SAMSUNG S8 pLUS Screen Repair

Why Us for iPhone Repair?

– 100% satisfaction guaranteed
– Lifetime warranty on all replacement parts
– Original phone displays available
– Fix before you pay service
– Free iPhone repair estimates

We also perform these services:

  • Battery Replacement
  • Power Button Repair
  • Home Button Repair
  • Front camera repair
  • Glass and LCD repair
  • Lightning dock repair
  • Loud speaker repair
  • Microphone repair
  • Power Button Repair
  • Water damage repair
  • Rear camera repair
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Samsung S8/S8 Plus Repair with iSquad Repair

Has your Samsung phone broken down? Have you managed to drop your phone at a party? We can help! The Samsung S8 / S8 Plus is one of the most popular smartphones to date. Samsung has been well-known for its premium quality phones for over a decade. But what happens when one of these devices breaks down? This is where iSquad Repair comes in! We repair most Samsung Phone models, including the Samsung S8 / S8 Plus. From cracked glass, LCD repair, a broken camera, a broken screen, water damage, battery repair, we will repair your Samsung Phone!

Samsung S8/S8 Plus Battery Replacement

Is your Samsung S8/S8 Plus battery not holding charge? Is the charging port damaged? We can help! We stock genuine Samsung batteries that come with a full guarantee. You can trust us to supply you with a genuine battery as opposed to cheap imported batteries that can pose a risk to your device and safety.

Samsung S8/S8 Plus Water Damage

We offer repair services for Samsung Phones that have suffered water damage. If you have dropped your phone in the toilet and it has rendered your device unusable, we can restore your samsung S8/S8 Plus to working condition, along with any data you may have saved on your phone! So do not worry, your phone is safe with us. It is important, however, that you get your phone to us as soon as possible after a water damage event, as if left for too long the corrosion can complicate the repair.

Samsung S8/S8 Plus Camera Replacement

So your Samsung phone Camera has broken? Is your Samsung S8/S8 Plus not taking pictures? Have you managed to crack the lens glass or has liquid damaged the camera? We can help. At iSquad Repair, we offer Samsung S8/S8 Plus front and back camera replacement services, backed with a full lifetime warranty.

Samsung S8/S8 Plus Screen Replacement

So you dropped your beloved Samsung S8/S8 Plus on the sidewalk, smashing the screen? Or you stood on it, or found it has somehow cracked? We at iSquad repair can help you. We have been in the cell phone LCD repair business since 2009, and offer the best cell phone repair and screen replacement services money can buy.

Data Backup

Before bringing your phone to us, we would advise where possible to make a backup of your device data, either via USB or by transferring them to the SD card and retaining the SD card. We will always avoid device erasure where possible, but this can sometimes not be avoided.

You Can Trust Us

Here at iSquad Repair, all our repair work is done using genuine Samsung parts by our in-house technicians. We guarantee our work with a full lifetime parts warranty with same day repair. Any part we use to repair your device is guaranteed not to fail. If in the unlikely event it does, we will offer a same-day repair service free of charge to correct the problem. iSquad Repair has been in the business of mobile cell phone repair and Samsung Phone repair since 2009, and over many years have served many happy customers. We have expanded our business over the years to handle the latest in mobile cell phone technology. v