Miramar Rd: 858-240-2040
Santee: 619-399-3811
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Encinitas: 858-943-4222
Miramar Rd: 858-240-2040
Santee: 619-399-3811
Carlsbad: 760-452-6133
Encinitas: 858-943-4222

Our Repair Shop in Santee is Sizzlin’ with Sweet Deals

At our new location in Santee, you will receive a lifetime warranty on all replaced parts for all iPhone, iPad, and Samsung Galaxy repairs.

At iSquad Repair, convenience comes first. As does customer appreciation. As does quality.

Well, you get the idea.

We’re a collectively friendly group of individuals with a nearby business that’s here to suit your needs. We’ll fix your phone in 30 minutes or less.

No questions. No complaints. Just a good ol’ fashioned dose of quality repair served with lifetime warranty OEM parts and a smile.

As a liberated citizen of Santee, California, it’s your choice where you go when your phone goes “plop”, but let our reviews speak for themselves as our customers have generally praised our work, and hey, they’re not half bad themselves.


Who We Are and How We Fix It

Ages ago, (2007 to be exact) we made it our goal to be the most reputable source of mobile device repair in all of Santee.

Now, thanks to devoted customers like you, we can now comfortably say that we’ve accomplished that goal after repairing over 20,000 devices since opening our doors to the public. Rather than letting this information go to our heads, however, we’re utilizing our success in order to pursue uninterrupted improvements in our efforts.

When something goes wrong with your smartphone or tablet, we want to be your go-to service provider, offering only the most professional technicians, the most affordable rates, and best of all, the most satisfied customers.

As a neighboring local business, we’ve got you covered.

You’ve got a problem and we’ve got a solution. You don’t even have to call.

Just visit us online, find your device model, and locate the evidently transparent pricing offerings that you can take advantage of in three different ways – mail-in, walk-in, or on-site repair.

This means that you can either mail your device in, and we’ll return it to you less than 24 hours of receiving it; you could visit us in-store and we’ll fix your damaged device in less than 30 minutes; or we can meet you somewhere – whether it be at your house, office, coffee shop, etc. – to ensure that your broken Apple or Samsung mobile device is restored to its original state.

Regardless of the method you choose, always remember that each of our OEM replacement parts are accompanied by a convenient lifetime warranty.

Awesome service.  Dropped my phone, shattered my glass, carried my broken phone around for months. I went to ISquad and they fixed it in 3 minutes. Should have gone to iSquad months ago!

– Yelp Review by Shala L.


What You Get, and Why Santee Customers Love Us

Hey, we’re here for you. We get that you don’t like your pricing to be hidden behind a malicious curtain of secrecy (AKA a phone call).

iSquad doesn’t want you to screw up (no pun intended) by handling your broken devices alone. That’s why we wrote this neat little informative blurb that may make you think twice about do-it-yourself iPhone repair.

Let’s face it. Customers come to us because of our exclusive offering – our exceptional standard service. Whether you’re a Santee native or you plan to ship your phone in from halfway across the country, our customer support features the exact same measure of cautious professionalism that our current customers know and love.

If, for some reason, you haven’t noticed, we pride ourselves on the fact that we only want the best for our dedicated customers residing in Santee. We respect you enough to keep our offers clear and understandable.

When it comes to repairing the devices that act as a form of personal and professional hub in your lives, it only makes sense that we take the utmost precautions before dealing with your phone or tablet. It’s the very least we can do to make sure you’re happy with your investment. That is why our screen replacements, button replacements, LCD repairs, and even water damage restoration is 100% guaranteed by our certified technicians.

After all, this isn’t just a job for us. We have the burning desire to keep the Santee residents’ most prized possessions intact.

I shattered the front glass on my iPhone 4S and the guys at iSquad repaired the phone in 30 min while I waited. The employees were very courteous and they did a great job on the repair. The repair price was $59.99; including tax = $64.79. Conveniently located near the Marine Corps Air Station. Highly recommended!

– Yelp Review by John T.


Repairs in Santee and Beyond

Note: If we don’t have the pricing for your specific device model, it doesn’t mean we don’t care. Smartphones and tablets are releasing every day – sometimes without warning. It takes time to decide on a solid value for the repair of new devices, so please be patient. In the meantime, feel free to call, and we’ll provide you with any information you’re looking for – no questions asked!

Otherwise, if you don’t want to speak with one of our friendly representatives for whatever reason, you can fill out the contact form above to receive a quick estimate.

iPhone Repairs

When it comes to iPhone repairs, our name speaks for itself, declaring that we specialize in Apple devices for our customers. This is, in part, due to our support of legacy devices, all the way from the iPhone 3G to the most recent iPhone 5s. We can guarantee that if you fancy yourself an iDevice, we’ve got you covered.

Not only do our services support nearly every iPhone model, but we also promise to repair your phone regardless of what caused the damage to begin with. Whether you decided to take your unprotected iPhone for a swim in the pool or you “accidentally” dropped it on someone’s head from the peak of a Ferris wheel, we’ll restore your iPhone to its initial state-of-the-art quality it was purchased in – guaranteed.

There is no problem that remains unsolved. We can replace your screen, buttons, batteries, speakers, microphones, and so much more! Have a problem we didn’t list here? Why not ask one of our service professionals? They’re always ecstatic to take on new challenges and, as always, guarantee your satisfaction.

iPad Repairs

Keeping up with the latest Internet trends can be difficult when only half of your iPad’s screen is actually visible.

So get your screen fixed so that you can get back to “researching” the 15 most intimidating celebrity smiles. Your iPad is now an essential tool for both personal and professional lifestyles and is, quite frankly, much more difficult to appreciate when a cracked display diminishes your field of view.

Stop by our location in Santee and we’ll get you back to the web-surfing experience you’ve been longing for.


Samsung Galaxy and Note Repairs

Samsung Galaxy devices are often described as luxury devices from advanced users. They provide you with the open operating system that’s disgraced by the competition.

But how luxurious is a broken or damaged luxury device?

Luckily, we offer the most affordable quality repairs for Samsung Galaxy and Note devices around. So ditch the insufficient practice of carrying around a damaged Galaxy and jump back in to 21st century extravagance by visiting your friends at iSquad Repair.

Get That Fresh Tech Look Back, Santee. You Know You Miss It.

Smartphones and tablets have become an integral part of our lives. Our devices aren’t just accessories anymore. When used properly, they can actually connect you to job opportunities, distant relatives, and even friends who live halfway across the world.

Phones are no longer emergency devices. They’re life organizers, information providers – the solution to many problems we no longer encounter. But functionality is essential in maintaining these keys to everyday life. Ask yourself, “Is it really worth it to continue using a broken tool that keeps you connected to the rest of the world?” For us, that answer is an obvious “no.”

Carrying around a smartphone with a broken screen is like a lumberjack carrying around an axe without a handle. The screen connects your eyes to the very guts of the device, meaning it’s crucial to retain its functionality.

Fortunately, it doesn’t cost that much to do just that after a quick visit to iSquad (or by simply mailing the device in).

Our service is entirely streamlined for your convenience. And the proof is in the pudding!

What do you say, Santee? Just fill out the form on this page and get back to that fresh tech look that had you falling in love to begin with.


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