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One of the most common repair items is a broken or cracked screen. One minute you’re looking at your clear and bright cell phone screen. The next, you are barely able to see anything through a bunch of LCD cracks spread entirely over the display. Worse than that is when the entire LCD becomes cracked and your phone display is entirely unreadable. As soon as this happens, the first instinct is quickly to find a way to get it fixed. At iSquad Repair in El Cajon, we have experienced and trained technicians standing by to help you restore your cell phone back to the way you prefer it: bright and shiny.

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Broken Screen Repair in El Cajon

When it’s time to repair or replace a broken cell phone screen, check first to see if your phone is covered under and type of warranty against accidental damage. If you own an iPhone not covered under any type of warranty, the cost to repair the broken screen will be high if you take it to an Apple store. The cost will usually be much less if you bring it to iSquad Repair. This is because we carry “generic” replacement screens and LCDs that are very similar to the original equipment furnished by Apple. The functionality is the same and the only really noticeable difference is that the generic screens are a little less bright than the original Apple screens. This is not a very noticeable difference and the cost savings make it worth going this route.

What About Battery Replacement?

Once it has been determined that you need to replace the battery in your cell phone, bring it one of our locations throughout San Diego. We are a larger retail operation and we stock most of the popular cell phone batteries. This means that we can get your battery replaced within 30 minutes. If we need to order your battery, we can have it delivered usually the next day, sometimes the same day.

Water Damaged Cell Phone? Bring it to Us!

Getting your cell phone as dry as possible is the first step after your phone has been exposed to liquid damage. After all attempts have been made to dry your phone, the best thing to do is bring it into iSquad Repair for further work. We have special tools to open up your device and then use compressed air to remove any liquid that might have seeped into the internal components of the phone. If any corrosion has occurred as a result of water damage, we can also replace internal components that have become damaged. Sometimes, we have to replace the entire logic board to get the phone back to working condition.