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Is your computer running slowly? Having a hard time booting up taking forever? When your laptop needs some help, our qualified technicians will work a little magic to get your computer running fast and efficiently. We excel at laptop hard drive repair, data recovery, virus removal, LCD and Touchscreen replacement, and much more. Not sure how much it will cost to repair? We offer a free diagnostic to help you determine the cost to fix your laptop.


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Laptop Repair in Mission Valley
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We Are Data Recovery Specialists

Losing valuable data to hard drive failure or accidental deletion doesn’t have to be the end. While it can be very stressful, fortunately, we have the tools and expertise to retrieve all of your data. Along with restoring your data, we will also offer some suggestions on how to keep your data continuously backed up to the cloud or local drive. Most of these services are free and they will give you a little peace of mind moving forward.

Virus and Malware Removal

While there are many programs and software that will protect your laptop against being infected by a virus, sometimes the malware and viruses will infect your computer without warning. The symptoms of viral infection are numerous. Most of the time you will notice nothing. But sometimes viruses completely lock the laptop user out of their system. Our qualified technicians will run a thorough scan of your laptop and make it completely virus-free. If you are in doubt, bring your laptop in to our shop for a free diagnostic.

LCD and Cracked Screen Repair

Crack the screen on a laptop? Rather than buying a new laptop, iSquad Repair in Santee will replace the screen for much less than a new system would cost. We only procure the highest quality replacement parts manufactured primarily in the United States. All of our work is guaranteed and we will stand by our work. If you are not 100% satisfied, we will make sure we get the job done right.