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When you are in dire need of a reliable and professional company to do Samsung Repair in El Cajon where do you turn? There are many repair shops around, but iSquad Repair has been around for several years and due to the success of the operation, has expanded to many locations throughout San Diego. We specialize in fixing cracked or shattered screens and LCDs, perform battery replacement, and basically fix whatever is wrong with your Samsung phone. We offer a free diagnostic as well. Bring it to a reliable source for Samsung Galaxy repair.

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Samsung Galaxy Phone Water Damage

When your Samsung Galaxy phone accidentally gets exposed to liquid, be it water, wine, or beer, there is the potential for your phone to become inoperable. Fortunately, we at iSquad Repair have repaired thousands of phones from water damage. The best thing to do is dry it off as much as possible after it happens, then bring it to us as soon as possible so we can open it up and use compressed air to remove all traces of liquid. Otherwise, the liquid will cause further corrosion and the repairs will then become quite costly.

Samsung Galaxy Phone Battery Replacement

How do you know if you need a new battery in your Samsung phone? Some of the obvious signs include a phone that dies much sooner than it did when it was brand new, a battery that won’t charge, or the phone simply will not power up. A dying battery can also cause your phone to run very slowly and cause apps to crash and malfunction. Here at iSquad it takes about 30 minutes to pop a new battery into your phone. It will also not break the bank. Bring it to us and we’ll replace it in no time.

Samsung Galaxy Phone Camera Replacement

One of the nicest features of the Samsung Galaxy phone is the camera. It is a very well engineered modern camera that takes pictures that compare with some of the more expensive standalone cameras on the market. Sometimes the camera becomes cracked, or simply malfunctions. Rather than purchase a new phone, bring it to us and we’ll replace the camera in no time. Then you can get back to take great pictures. Bring it to us for Samsung Repair in El Cajon.

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