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What Needs Fixing?

Phone Repair

Looking for iPhone repair in San Diego? Bring your broken phone to us for iPhone screen repair, battery replacement, water damage repair, and home button repair.

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iPad Repair

In need of iPad screen repair? We also do iPad battery replacement, water damage repair, and much more!

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Samsung Repair

We specialize in Samsung Galaxy screen repair, battery replacement, water damage and can fix most problems with your cell phone.

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Laptop Repair

Need computer repair? We fix all brands and types of laptops and computers including Macbook Pro and all models of Windows computers.

iPad Service and Repair

iPad’s are a great tool for performing regular digital tasks. Light and portable, they give us all access to the digital world without the cumbersome nature of computers and laptops. But, they do tend to break and frequently need to be repaired. iPad Repair can be an issue because Apple has designed them to be challenging to repair. With iSquad Repair, you can get your iPad repaired at a much lower cost than it would to take it to an Apple Store, and will probably be done in a fraction of the time.

There are certain things that you should remember when considering iPad screen repair. For instance, it is recommended that you choose the right company as some companies provide poor services. You can also check on customer reviews to make sure that the company is reliable. At iSquad Repair, you will find that we have a strong reputation for providing high-quality iPad repair. You can rely on us to get your iPad repaired quickly and affordably.

Quality iPad Screen Replacement

If you own an iPad and you have a cracked screen, then you will want to replace the screen on it as soon as possible. This will prevent further damage to the iPad. When you decide to replace the screen of your iPad, then you can save yourself money by getting the best replacement for your screen that you can find at the best price. At iSquad Repair, our prices are highly competitive and much less than it would cost at the Apple Store. We also don’t sacrifice quality when it comes to iPad screens. We only use the highest quality screens available on the market.

We do iPad Battery Replacement

If you own an Apple iPad, then you know that you need to a new battery replacement to keep your device from being dead or slow. It doesn’t matter which version of the iPad you have, you will need to replace it at some point in time. This is because the batteries used in these devices are not cheap. While they are also not very expensive, purchasing an iPad battery replacement is still a good idea and will definitely save you money in the long run.

We Specialize in iPhone Back Glass Repair

With the release of the iPhone 8, the back of the iPhone has glass. Accidental dropping of the iPhone now not only might break the front glass, the back glass can be damaged just as easily. Apple introduced the glass backs on the iPhone 8, X, XR and 11.

Of course, many wonder why Apple would use glass on the back of the iPhone. There is actually a very technical reason why Apple started adding glass to the back. It supports wireless charging. With an aluminum back, the technology, known as Qi charging, would not allow the signal to pass through the back of the iPhone in an efficient manner.

Not only does the iPhone back glass aid in enhanced connectivity, it is also much more stylish and sleek than an aluminum back. The iPhone looks and feels more like a piece of art than an iPhone. Apple has always been committed to sleek and stylish phones and this is another offering that many iPhone users have come to enjoy.

One of the disadvantages of this sleek new look include is that now not only does the front screen crack when dropped, the back glass can also crack. However, replacing the back glass on an iPhone is much more difficult than replacing the front screen.

An iPhone with broken back glass in some cases will still work it actually is more of a safety issue. The cracked or shattered glass has the potential to cut your hands. After all, it is glass. Broken glass is extremely sharp and when your phone is cracked, shards of glass can peel off and cause cuts to the skin.

At iSquad Repair, we specialize in iPhone back glass replacement. We use state of the art technology and have trained and certified technicians handling the repair. It usually takes 30 minutes to do a complete back glass repair. Our machine uses laser technology to completely remove the back glass safely and efficiently. Once the back glass is removed, we use epoxy glue to replace the back glass.

iSquad Repair Has 8 Locations Throughout San Diego

iSquad Repair is one of the most trusted repair shops in San Diego County. We offer both quality ad affordability as well as a professional and courteous experience for all customers. We have built up a reputation by being reliable, fast and effective. This is because they use the highest quality parts available to us. Along with our high-quality repair parts, we also offer a lifetime warranty on all repairs and will replace any defective items with no questions asked.

Damaged Samsung Galaxy Phone? We Got You Covered

The Samsung Galaxy Phone is an impressive smartphone. However, if it malfunctions or gets damaged, it can become a nuisance. iSquad Repair capable of repairing your Samsung device within an hour by using our innovative repair techniques. We can diagnose and fix your Samsung mobile device with quick, professional, same day service. All repairs are done using the highest quality repair parts, and most of the repairs can even be made while you are waiting. Whether it is for the Samsung Galaxy S10 or the Samsung Galaxy S20, you can get a professional Samsung screen replacement from iSquad Repair.

So, if your Samsung Galaxy Phone has some damages, don’t wait for the damage to get worse. Bring your device to us as soon as possible to prevent any further damage. Protect your investment and get it repaired by the most trusted Samsung Galaxy phone repair company in San Diego County.

We Specialize in Computer and Laptop Repair

Are you having trouble with your computer? If so, computer repair service is probably your best option. The problem is, how do you know which ones will actually get the job done? Read on to find out more about computer repair service and whether or not your company would benefit from such services!

Computer Repair: Is your computer running slower than usual lately? Computer repair might be in order! At iSquad Repair, we work on all brands of computers, laptops, desktops, Apple devices like iPods, iPhones, iPads, and all other models of desktops. A good PC tech can repair any kind of computer, including laptops and desktops – and can also perform computer virus removal and LCD replacement. We will help keep your PC running smoothly and reliably. You should always call us if it seems like you need a computer technician. Sometimes it is best to leave this to the experts.

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