2020 iPhone SE Repair

2020 iPhone SE Repair

Apple recently announced the release of the brand-new second-generation iPhone SE. Basically, this new phone looks just like the iPhone 8, but has the internal power of an iPhone 11. This phone features the A13 Bionic chip, which is currently the fastest chip in a Smartphone on the market. The second-generation SE is not only a remarkable phone, it is one of the best budget phones you can currently buy. While it is one of the best phones out there, it is still prone to damage and will be in need of repair. iSquad Repair specializes in 2020 iPhone SE Repair.

Screen RepairPrice
iPhone SE Glass Repair$79.99
iPhone SE Battery Replacement$59.99
iPhone SE Charging Port Replacement$69.99
iPhone SE Back Glass Replacement$79.99

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Cracked Screen Repair for the 2020 iPhone SE

The iPhone 2020 SE, known as the “Second-Generation iPhone SE”, is a very precisely made machine. It is an incredibly engineered piece of equipment. That is why when the screen becomes cracked or damaged and is in need of replacement, it is best to have a trained and certified technician handle the repair process. If you try to do it yourself, you run the risk of doing more damage. iPhone screen repair requires the use of special tools and expertise to get the job done right. While some warranties cover accidental damage, in most cases they do not. At that point, the goal is to get your iPhone fixed as affordably as possible. Where do you turn? You have the option of taking it to an Apple repair center. The cost to get it fixed is generally higher than if you were to bring it iSquad Repair. This is because, at the Apple store, they only use original equipment to replace the screen. At iSquad, we also use less expensive “after-market” screens. Read more about the differences between the two. We also use original equipment but are not limited to these types of screens. The cost difference is significant and many simply go with the lower-priced after-market screens. These screens have the same basic functionality with some minor differences.

2020 iPhone SE Battery Replacement

The iPhone 2020 SE has a modern lithium-ion battery which is energy-dense, charges rapidly, and rarely has any issues with exploding. But, the battery eventually will deteriorate to the point of needing to be replaced. Some of the signs of needing a new battery include a battery that does not completely charge, is very slow to charge, drains quicker than normal, or simply will not hold a charge at all. When you charge your iPhone, the battery slowly loses part of its original capacity. This will progress to the point of the battery becoming obsolete and in need of replacement. At this point, it is best to bring it to a repair shop that has training and expertise in efficiently replacing the battery. It is not recommended that you try to tackle this on your own. Replacing the battery requires the use of special tools and training to prevent unwanted damage to your iPhone. Just removing the cover to get to the battery is a task that requires using a heat gun, special tools to pry open the cover, and then being extremely careful when actually removing the old battery. There are many components and small wires that need to be removed. Bring it to iSquad Repair to have your battery replaced by a professionally certified and trained technician. Read more on how to tell if you need a new battery.

2020 iPhone SE Water Damage Repair

When your iPhone 2020 SE gets exposed to liquid, evasive action needs to happen immediately. The best thing to do is bring to our shop right away to prevent further damage to the internal components. But what if that is not a possibility? There are several things you can do right away to prevent further damage. The most important thing is that you power the phone down. After this, use a dry cloth to remove as much moisture as possible from the phone. If you have it in a case, remove the case first. Also, remove the SIM card from the phone. If possible, use a Q-tip to dry out the battery charging port and any other open ports on your phone. Then, bring to iSquad Repair as soon as possible so we can remove the cover and use compressed air to blow out any moisture that might have become trapped in the phone.

Symptoms of iPhone Water Damage

You might have had your iPhone exposed to liquid, tried your best to dry it out, and now you’re not sure if the liquid actually caused any damage to your phone. iPhone water damage can cause a variety of issues. Here are some of the ways to determine if you iPhone actually has water damage:

  • The phone gets hot – Water-damaged lithium-ion batteries will get very hot. While it’s rare that the phone will catch on fire, it is wise to have the battery replaced immediately.
  • No sound on your iPhone – Water will cause the speakers malfunction
  • The iPhone isn’t charging – Water will cause corrosion on your charging port and will prevent efficient charging
  • The SIM card is not recognized – Water will prevent the SIM card from being recognized by the phone due to corrosion.

Read more about iPhone water damage.