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We provide quality iPhone repair services in Santee, California. When your iPhone becomes damaged and you are in need of a screen repair, bring it to our iPhone repair shop in Santee, located next to Home Depot. We offer a variety of screen replacement options including after-market “budget” screens, as well as original Apple replacement screens. We also have a wide variety of screen protectors and iPhone cases designed to protect your phone against damage. Not only do we do quality iPhone screen replacement, but we also can help you with most iPhone repair issues. We can help you with battery replacement, home button repair, stuck or broken buttons, earpiece replacement, speaker replacement, or charging port repair. We can also help you if your iPhone has become water or liquid damaged. We do full-service iPhone repair in Santee and we also give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We stand behind our repairs and you will not be required to pay for any services until you are completely satisfied. Come visit us in Santee next time you are in need of iPhone repair.

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Full Service iPhone Repair in Santee

The iPhone has many components that are prone to damage and need to be repaired. The most common repair is iPhone screen repair and replacement. Along with the screen, other components that need repair are numerous. The second most common iPhone repair is the need for battery replacement. We also repair the back camera, earpiece speaker, charging port, home button and we even can replace the entire frame of the iPhone if necessary.

Screen Replacement Options for iPhone Screen Repair

When you purchase an iPhone from Apple, the screen used is considering an “OEM” screen. This stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. This screen is built according to the strict standards of Apple. When it’s time for a screen repair, you have the option to have your screen repaired with an OEM screen or and “after-market” screen. The after-market screen is more affordable, yet has all of the same qualities and features as the OEM screen. It is not quite as bright as the original screen, but all of the functionality remains the same.

Panicked with a Dead iPhone Battery in Santee? We Will Replace it Fast and Affordably

Losing the power to your iPhone is inevitable. The repair is simple. You just plug in your iPhone and it powers back up within minutes. But what if your iPhone’s battery is dead and will no longer hold a charge? Gone are the days of simply popping open the back of your phone and replacing the battery. The iPhone requires a professional and expert repair. Special tools are used to open the phone and replace the battery. Bring it iSquad Repair in Santee and have a brand new battery in place within 15 minutes. We keep the price as low as possible as well. Get your iPhone repaired with a battery replacement fast and affordably at the best iPhone repair shop in Santee!

You’re Depressed Because Your Favorite iPhone Has a Cracked Screen. We Will Restore it in No Time.

iPhones are very expensive pieces of equipment. One of the most depressing things about owning an iPhone is how easily the screen or LCD because cracked. Now your investment in a functional and fun electronic device results in an iPhone that doesn’t have a full-color and bright display. The most important thing is that you have it repaired in a timely manner. There is no better place in Santee to get your iPhone screen replacement done. Not only do we do within 30 minutes, but we also do it with a friendly smile and courteous service. We will go the extra mile to ensure that your cracked screen goes from old to gold.

Your iPhone Has Been Exposed to Liquid. 3 Things to Do Right Away.

Water or liquid damage to an iPhone does happen. Sometimes it happens when your iPhone slips into a sink full of water. Similarly, you accidentally spill a glass of wine on it. There are many ways an iPhone can be exposed to liquid damage. Once it happens, a phone will need immediate attention to prevent water and liquid damage and to get it back to working condition. First, use a towel or rag to remove as much liquid from the iPhone as possible. Second, try to keep it as warm as possible until you can get it to a repair center. Third, bring it to iSquad. We use special tools and methods to remove as much liquid as possible and dry out any remaining liquid. But what if it becomes water damaged to the point that the phone will not start? We are able to replace key components that might have become damaged due to water exposure. Come check us out and get your iPhone repaired in Santee.

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Sarah Hardin

We came here because we were already going to be in the area, they had a decent turn around time, and my husband needed his work phone. However, they were not decently priced for the job they did. When he got it back, yes the screen worked once again, but there is glue all over the phone and the screen wasn't positioned correctly. Would not recommend.

Tim F

One of the best repair shops in San Diego period. The quality of there products and the customer service is amazing. Specially Allen, he’s awesome and cool guy. He knows his things and very knowledgeable about phones and what needs to be done. Thank you Allen definitely coming back here

Nicole Tuazon

I went here to get my iPhone 6s+ phone back camera repaired after it got blurry and shaky. The staff was professional and helpful with their repair service of my phone. Very fast service. My camera was fixed within minutes. The pricing for their services is reasonable too. Would highly recommend them for repairing your phone!

Kurt Christian

Great prices and fair. We take our family’s cracked screens here. These people also helped me out so much with an older iPhone with driver issues that plagued the version of phone I had. Without their advice and help I would of been screwed and had to buy a new phone which would have been a joke because I didn’t do anything wrong with the phone.

lynn osburn

These guys are great, they're awesome. they'll help you any way they can. They fix my phone a couple times & I've called them. they give me information over the phone. no charge. these guys are great. do yourself a favor use these them. for Samsung or iPhones there not just for iPhones. Very nice bunch of guys. If you think you're lost they will help you.