iPhone 12 Pro Max Repair

iPhone 12 Pro Max Full-Service Repair

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is a next-gen iPhone that has quite a few remarkable features. One of the newest changes is that it is 5G ready, which is up to 100 times faster than 4G. This provides for a better streaming experience as well faster uploads and downloads. Another new feature is the large Super Retina XDR display. The Super Retina XDR displays overcome challenges with traditional OLED displays with their high brightness, wide color support, and the best color accuracy in the industry. In spite of its robust features, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is still prone to damage and will eventually need the various components replaced with wear.

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iPhone 12 Pro Max Screen Repair

One of the other new features on the iPhone 12 Pro Max is its ceramic shield which Apple claims is 4 times stronger than its other iPhone screens. There have been multiple tests done on its toughness. One of them is CNET’s drop test. While the drop test definitely showed some improvement in the advantages of the ceramic shield, there are some cases where even this added robustness will not hold up.

iPhone 12 Pro Max Back Glass Repair

While the front glass of the iPhone 12 Pro Max has a ceramic protective coating, the back glass does not. Ironically, the back glass of this phone is much more difficult to repair than the front glass. It requires the use of a laser-driven device that completely scans and removes the back glass. Without this machine, repairing the back glass is extremely difficult and invites the potential of broken shards of glass cutting the skin. At iSquad Repair, we have the necessary equipment to aid in replacing the back glass quickly and efficiently.

iPhone 12 Pro Max Water Damage Repair

With the release of the iPhone 12 series, including the iPhone 12 Pro Max, Apple added some robust waterproof features. The bottomline is that this phone can withstand some serious water submersion. However, it still has the potential for water submersion side effects which will include a camera that is foggy. The most important thing to do if you suspect any kind of liquid or water damage is to bring your phone into iSquad Repair as soon as possible. This allows the technicians to open up the phone and use compressed air to blow out as much moisture as possible.