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We Have Perfected Fixing Cracked iPhone Screens

While iPhones are built to withstand some rough handling, a cracked screen is something that all iPhones owners might need to deal with. So where do you turn? There are many options. You can bring it to an Apple store. You can try to fix the crack iPhone screen yourself, or you can bring it to our location. Give us a try.

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iPhone Battery Replacement

Apple iPhone battery replacement is what we do best. We are an iPhone repair shop located in Santee. Gone are the days of simply removing the back case on your iPhone and pulling out the battery.

How do you know you need a new battery? Some of the first signs include the need to charge your phone more than once a day. Sometimes the battery will swell and cause further damage to your iPhone. Instead of waiting until your iPhone has stopped charging completely, bring it in to us and we will give you an accurate apple battery replacement cost. Come to us for iPhone Repair in Santee

Professional iPhone Camera Replacement

One of the nicest features of an iPhone is the ability to take beautiful pictures at will. When your iPhone’s pictures start coming out blurry or faded, or not coming out at all, it’s time for iPhone camera repair.

When you are ready to fix your iPhone camera, it will literally take under 30 minutes at iSquad Repair, and you will have the camera back working in pristine condition.

iPhone rear camera replacement requires the expertise of an experienced and well-trained technician. At iSquad Repair, you got it. We will have it fixed for you in no time. Come visit us. Located in the heart of San Diego in Mission Valley.

Water Damage

iPhones and water don’t mix well. iPhone water damage plagues many. Dropped in the pool, a glass of water spills on it, or even worse, your favorite red wine just introduced itself to your phone. Now what?

When you are seeking iPhone water damage repair, the most important thing is that you bring it to us right away. Doing so will increase the likelihood that your iPhone will be able to be restored to full working condition.

What does the iPhone water damage repair cost? One of our technicians will open up your iPhone, and determine the extent of the damage. We will then offer you an estimate to repair. You can rely on iSquad to do it right the first time.