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Need iPad Repair in Mission Valley?

While we rely on our iPads, it is also nice to rely on someone that can fix it when you need Apple iPad screen repair in Mission Valley. The iPad cracked screen repair cost varies according to the model. You have the option of selecting an after-market screen (third party) or a screen built to Apple’s strict standards on production. Both screens have all the same functionality, although there are some slight differences in terms of coloring (after-market screen might be a little less vivid), ultimately it’s your call as to which screen you choose.

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Common iPad Issues

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Battery Replacement

When your battery starts acting funny, e.g., won’t charge all of the way, or your iPad starts moving very slowly, it’s for an Apple iPad battery replacement. It is wise to do this once every couple of years as well to prevent inaccessibility when it completely dies.

What does the iPad battery replacement cost? Fortunately, it is one of the least expensive iPad fixes. Our trained staff in Mission Valley will offer you a few options, and, while replacing the battery, will be able to run diagnostics on your iPad to ensure the battery is causing the problem

Camera Replacement

We all love to take pictures. It gives us the opportunity to capture those perfect moments. The camera on the iPad is also used for Facetime and other purposes. When it breaks, it can be very frustrating.

At iSquad Repair, we do our best to quell your frustration by providing you with high-quality service and a professional and friendly demeanor.

Our trained staff has the expertise and tools needed to expedite your iPad camera repair. Only the highest quality parts are used, and we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This means that if anything doesn’t work after we fix your iPad (manufacturers defect, e.g.), we got you covered.

Water Damage

When the iPad goes for a swim and the result is water damage, sometimes it is much less expensive to simply have it inspected and restored to working condition than to purchase a brand new one. While the iPad does have an element of water-resistance, the charging port is one-way water can leak into the device.

We will give you a free estimate on the exact repair costs to fix your water-damaged iPad. After a few diagnostics are run and we are able to determine which parts need to be replaced, we’ll arrive at a cost for you. We look forward to seeing you stop by our shop in Mission Valley!