iPhone 12 Repair

iPhone 12 Professional Repair

The iPhone 12 is Apple’s first offering of a 5G-ready iPhone. It also has a better camera than its predecessors and a brighter and sharper LCD. The 5G capability is enough reason alone to buy a new iPhone 12 as this will drastically increase the overall download speed resulting in a much faster and smoother experience when online. However, as is true with all cell phones, the iPhone 12 is not indestructible and will require repairs such as screen replacement, battery replacement and water damage repair. Whether your iPhone is having problems such as a battery failure or a screen replacement, iSquad Repair has all the parts, equipment, and expertise to perform the job properly without breaking the bank.

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iPhone 12 Screen Replacement

One of the best features of the Apple iPhone 12 is it’s OLED screen. This is a much better display than the current iPhone’s which have an LCD screen. However, this type of screen is also prone to accidental damage. If you are looking for a good service provider in your area or online, you can rest assured iSquad Repair is the best company for this repair. We have a first class team of technicians who have the training as well as excellent customer service skills. When you own an iPhone, having an effective iPhone 12 repair service that you can rely on certainly provides peace of mind.

Dead Battery? We Replace iPhone 12 Batteries

If you notice charging issues with your iPhone 12, chances are you that you need a battery replacement. Some of these issues include a battery that will not fully charge, drains faster than usual, or it simply will not charge at all. Changing the battery requires special expertise. Unfortunately this is not something that the average person can do. There are several steps in the repair process and, if not followed correctly, further damage to your iPhone 12 can occur. With iSquad Repair you can get your iPhone battery replaced within 45 minutes.