iPhone XR Repair

Did you crack your iPhone XR screen? Is your battery not holding a charge? At iSquad Repair, we specialize in fixing your iPhone XR. Our goal is to provide a service that is both affordable and convenient. Get your iPhone XR fixed in 30 minutes or less at one of our 7 locations throughout San Diego. We also have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We will go the extra mile to make sure you walk out of the store satisfied with your repair.

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  • Lifetime Warranty on Replaced Parts
  • Most Repairs in 30 Minutes or Less
  • Certified Techs Perform All Repairs
Screen RepairPrice
iPhone XR Glass Repair$119.99
Battery Repair$89.99
Charging Port Replair$99.99
Back Glass Repair$119.99
iphone xr screen repair and battery replacment
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Professional iPhone XR Repair

The iPhone XR was released in September 2019 alongside the XS and XS Max and has several updated features including a camera featuring Smart HDR. As is true with all iPhones, this phone is prone to damage and possibly even defective parts installed from the manufacturer.

iPhone XR Screen Repair

If your iPhone screen is cracked, there are several options to get it back to working condition. You can order a DIY kit online for cheap and take a crack at it yourself. More times than not, people that do this end up frustrated and sometimes even a phone that is more damaged than before. When you bring it to us, we will have your screen replaced within 30 minutes without an issue. It is a tricky process and requires the expertise of a trained technician to get the job done right.

iPhone XR Battery Replacement

The iPhone XR battery is rated to hold 80% of its capacity for more than 500 charge cycles, which is roughly 18-24 months. When the battery starts to wear out, your iPhone will start to run more slowly, and ultimately will not turn on at all. We can have a brand new battery installed in your iPhone within 30 minutes to restore full functionality.