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iPhone Repair Near Carmel Valley, California

Looking for iPhone repair near Carmel Valley? Check out iSquad Repair.

So, you just dropped your iPhone in the sink full of water or accidentally sat on it and cracked the screen? If you’re near Carmel Valley, CA and you want to get iPhone repair near Carmel Valley, California, check out iSquad Repair. We provide top quality service at an affordable price. Plus we’re located right here in town!

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iSquad Repair
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2169 Fenton Pkwy #115
San Diego, CA 92108

(619) 542-9223

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iPhone Repair: Screen Replacement, Battery Replacement, and more

Do you need iPhone repair near Carmel Valley, California? Look no further than our team at ISquad Repair! We specialize in iPhone repairs and can help with a variety of problems – from screen replacements to battery replacements. Our technicians are trained and experienced, so you can rely on them for all your needs! They know what they’re doing and will have your iPhone repaired quickly and easily. Plus, our competitive rates mean that we’re the best place for iPhone repair near Carmel Valley!

Broken iPad Screen? We can fix it in less than 30 minutes!

iPad screens are one of the most common repairs we do, and they’re also one of the most affordable! The iPad is a tablet computer that you can use to surf the internet, watch videos and play games with. It’s a great device, but if you drop it on a hard surface or it’s in your bag and it gets pulled around by other items, you might end up with an unsightly broken screen. If this is your situation and you live in Carmel Valley or anywhere nearby, don’t worry – we can fix that for you!

We fix a wide range of devices

If you’re looking for an electronics repair company that can handle all of your needs, look no further than iSquad Repair in San Diego, CA. We specialize in providing a wide range of services including Macbook and Windows Laptop repair, as well as iPhone, iPad and Samsung Galaxy repairs. Our technicians are certified to work on the latest versions of Apple products and our customer service is second to none. Whether you need help with a broken screen, water damage or other issue with your device, we’ll provide fast turnaround time at competitive prices.

Need computer help? We fix Macbooks and Windows laptops

If you’re looking for computer repair, iSquad Repair has you covered. We offer Macbook and Windows laptop repair services near Carmel Valley and surrounding areas. All of our technicians are certified – meaning they know what they’re doing when it comes to your devices. And we don’t just fix computers – we also fix iPhones (we are iPhone repair near Carmel Valley), iPads, Apple Watches and Samsung Galaxy phones!

We Offer a lifetime warranty on all parts and labor

We understand that the purchase of a new phone can be difficult, so we offer a lifetime warranty on all parts and labor to ensure your satisfaction with our services. We also have a same day turnaround time for all repairs, which means you’ll have your phone back in no time. Our team is always willing to answer any questions you may have about our services, as well as provide suggestions on what you can do if something goes wrong with your device in the future. Give us a call today!