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Macbook Repair

Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, iMac (All Versions)

Macbook Repair Prices

Screen Repair Price
Free Diagnostic Free
Virus Removal $95
Hard Drive Replacement Varies
Water Damage Repair Varies
Data Rescue Varies

All prices are subject to change

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MacBook Repair Services – Screen Replacement, Hard Drive Replacement, Data Recovery, Virus Removal and More

MacBook repair services can be complicated and expensive, so make sure you’re dealing with a Macbook repair service that has your back, should something go wrong. At iDeviceFix, we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, we provide on-site service within an hour or less, and our prices are among the most affordable in town. iSquad Repair offers the following Macbook repair services to customers in the greater Austin area: Screen replacement, hard drive replacement, data recovery, virus removal and more. Our team of experienced technicians will work quickly to ensure that your Macbook operates like new again!

We Remove Viruses

One of our top Mac repair services is virus removal; it’s one of our most common requests. Computers get viruses from email attachments, websites and from malware or spyware in third-party software. If you notice your computer running slower than usual or you find yourself getting ads for products you never searched for, chances are your computer has a virus that we can help remove. We have powerful anti-virus software to detect and remove even persistent viruses that would otherwise make your computer unusable.

We Replace Hard Drives

If your Macbook hard drive is no longer functioning properly or you’ve simply outgrown it, we can replace it with a larger or faster hard drive so that you’ll be able to store more data. Our hard drive replacement service includes repairing all damaged components like a motherboard. We only use brand new parts that are high quality to ensure that you don’t run into any issues with replacement and there aren’t any complications after we complete our work. Replacing your hard drive is a great way to increase space on your Macbook, reduce operating temperature due to better cooling and make it work more quickly so that programs load in less time. If you need a new hard drive on your Macbook, call us today!

We Replace your Cracked Screens

If you have a cracked screen or broken display on your Macbook Pro or Air, you can be sure to find solutions at iSquad Repair. Our replacement screens are carefully inspected and restored to ensure we provide only top quality replacements for your Macbook. So if your screen is cracked but your Macbook is otherwise in great condition, our screen replacement service could be what you’re looking for. We also offer other MacBook services including hard drive replacements & data recovery services.