iPhone 13 Mini Repair

Looking for iPhone 13 Mini Repair?

iSquad Repair has trained iPhone repair technicians that can fix a cracked screen on an iPhone 13 Mini by swapping out broken displays in under an hour. Simply put, there's no faster way to get your cracked iPhone 13 Mini back to like-new condition than taking it in for professional help with us.. You'll find our 8 convenient locations dotted throughout San Diego County, including one in Santee that is right next to Home Depot. Our experienced repair technicians will treat your device with utmost care and we are confident in our ability to fix an iPhone 13 mini cracked screen. We also offer free diagnostic evaluations and free estimates on all repairs

Screen RepairPrice
iPhone 13 Glass Repair$379.99
iPhone 13 Charging Port Replacement$279.99
iPhone 13 Back Glass Replacement$229.99
we repair all versions of iPhone 13

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iPhone 13 Professional Screen Repair

Whether you’re out on a run or working out at your favorite gym, you don’t want to leave your iPhone 13 mini behind. However, all it takes is one accidental drop and a cracked screen can make all of your tech dreams disappear. A broken iPhone 13 screen doesn’t just take away functionality—it can seriously decrease resale value as well. Professional screen repair experts at iSquad Repair can help get your device back in action again so you don’t have to go without its many convenient features during downtime. Trust an experienced repair technician for iPhone 13 repair in San Diego.

iPhone 13 Back Glass Repair

If you’ve broken your iPhone 13 back glass, or if it’s becoming difficult to use because of scratches and shards of glass, we can help. Our professional trained technicians are here to replace a broken or cracked iPhone 13 back glass in no time at all. The entire process can be completed within an hour and you’ll have your phone back to normal quickly. We also offer fast turnaround times for other iPhone 13 screen repairs, so you won’t have to wait long before getting your phone back. Whether you need us to replace a cracked screen or just want us to check over your device for any other issues, we can do it quickly and affordably.

iPhone 13 Mini Charging Port Replacement

iPhone 13 Mini Charging Port Replacement can be a difficult task to perform if you do not have the experience, training or tools to do it. You will need to open up your iPhone to replace it, because Apple does not provide repair instructions for that port. There are a few different options for replacement parts, including ones from multiple third-party companies. At iSquad Repair, we only use genuine replacement parts. Using reliable replacement parts ensures an iPhone 13 Mini Charging Port Replacement that lasts as long as possible and provides proper functionality.