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Most iPhone owners have had to fix their phones at one point. The nearer the better. Whether it’s a new crack on the screen, failing battery, broken home button, or microphone issues. We will give you a free diagnostic to determine exactly what needs to be prepared. Our friendly and trained staff will then offer you the best solution for your iPhone repair

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Quality iPad Repair Services Available

Looking at an iPad through a cracked screen isn’t ideal; neither is having to pay a ton of money to get a new one. Not to worry! We will repair your iPad to perfect condition using only the highest quality parts and repaired by a trained technician.

We Fix Computers and Laptops!

Computer not booting? Having virus issues? Just want your old computer back running fast and smooth? Sometimes even a simple “clean up” can breathe new life into your MacBook or PC Laptop. We also repair broken LCDs, charging ports, keyboard replacements, and much more. Our A+ Certified technicians will make sure you are good.

My iPhone dropped in the water and won’t turn on. Now what?

Sometimes when an iPhone gets dropped in the water, it will still turn on. But, sometimes it will not. Now what? It is possible that the water seeped into your phone and caused some of the internal components to become damaged. This requires careful diagnosis and then replacement of whatever parts are damaged. The result is an iPhone that is working correctly once again.

How long does it take to repair an iPhone screen?

If the replacement screen is in stock, it can take only 20 minutes to get your iPhone screen replaced. iSquad Repair stocks most screens and you can rest assured you will have a new screen in place in no time.

How long does my iPhone battery last?

Typically, an iPhone battery will last 2 years. A battery that is dying will charge slowly or not charge at all. When the battery is bad, it will also slow down your iPhone.

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