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iPhone Screen Repair with iSquad Repair

Has your iPhone broken down? Have you stood on your iPhone? We can help!

Best Range of iPhone Screens Available

iSquad Repair offers the best range of iPhone screens in San Diego with locations throughout San Diego Country. We do screen repairs for all of the iPhone models. Here is a blog post about some of the basics of getting your iPhone screen repaired.

The iPhone is described as “revolutionary” and a “game-changer”. While this may be true, anyone that owns an iPhone realize how they are in need of a screen . The iPhone 7 is the most popular phone in use, and we can help you fix it!

Did you break your iPhone? Did you spill your glass of wine on your iPhone?  Is your iPhone battery not charging your phone? Is the charging port damaged or not allowing your phone to be charged? We can help you! We offer the top iPhone repair in the industry. We offer services from iPhone battery replacement, iPhone screen repair, and iPhone camera swap.

iPhone Battery Replacement

Frustrated with iPhone battery issues? You are not alone. Fortunately at iSquad Repair, we offer a trustworthy iPhone battery replacement service. If your iPhone battery is not charging, we can fix your iPhone battery so your iPhone has a battery life as good as new! If your iPhone battery draining seems very fast, this is also the service for you. If your iPhone is very slow along with a poor battery life, a new battery will speed up the iPhone again, as the iPhone will slow the processor down in the event of a bad battery.

Here is a good demonstration by a Youtuber of how much faster an iPhone is with a new battery (in this case an iPhone 6).

iPhone Camera Replacement

Does your iPhone camera need to be fixed? Has your iPhone front camera or your iPhone back camera become damaged? Has your iPhone camera stopped working? We can help. We can replace the camera on your iPhone to enable you to take pictures normally again.

iPhone Screen Repair

Does your iPhone have a broken screen? Are you looking for an iPhone screen repair shop near you? We offer the best iPhone LCD repair services in the industry. We can fix your iPhone screen glass or the LCD if that is damaged. This repair will restore your iPhone to as-new condition and fix the broken screen.

You Can Trust Us

Here at iSquad Repair, all our iPhone repair work is done using genuine Apple parts. We all also have Aftermarket products available as well. Find out the difference between OEM and aftermarket products for iPhone repair.

Take a look at some of our reviews on Yelp. We guarantee our work with a full lifetime parts warranty with same day repair. Any part we use to repair your iPhone is guaranteed not to break. If in the unlikely event it does, we will offer a same-day repair service free of charge to correct the problem.

iSquad Repair has been in the business of mobile cell phone repair and iPhone repair since 2009, and over many years have served many satisfied customers.

We have expanded our company over the years to handle the newest in mobile cell phone technology. You will find no better place in San Diego for iPhone repairs than iSquad Repair. Your iPhone is in good hands!

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My iPhone Won't Charge

It could be various things. It could be a battery issue, a motherboard issue, charging issue or several other possibilities. Without a diagnosis done in a professional repair shop it is difficult to know. Most of the time it is a bad battery which can be replaced by a technician.

My iPhone is Frozen

Try holding the power button for 20 seconds and it will do a soft-reset. All of your data will remain intact. If it freezes frequently, it could be due to a bad battery or motherboard.

Is the iPhone 7 Waterproof?

The iPhone 7 is waterproof for 1 minue to 30 minutes underwater. It is also protected from dust, sand and other materials that might damage the iPhone. Take it to the beach with peace of mind!