iPhone 8 and 8 Plus Screen Repair and Replacement, Battery Replacement, and Back Camera Replacement

iPhone 8 Repair Prices:

Screen Repair Price
iPhone 8 $79.99
iPhone 8 Plus $89.99
Battery Repair Price
iPhone 8 $59.99
iPhone 8 Plus $69.99
Back Camera Repair Price
iPhone 8 $99.99
iPhone 8 Plus $109.99
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iPhone Screen Repair is Our Expertise

iPhone 8 screen repair is what we do best at iSquad Repair. If it’s a tiny chip or a completely cracked and black screen, we have the highest quality replacement parts and the most experienced iPhone Repair Technicians in the business.

Cell phone screen repair is a tricky process. Special tools, heat guns, precision devices and expertise is required. It might ruin your day, but we are to make it better. You can rely on and trust iSquad repair for cracked screen repair throughout San Diego.

Maybe It’s Time for New iPhone Battery?

Time replace your iPhone 8 battery? How can you tell? We highly recommend replacing your iPhone 8 and 8 Plus battery once every 1.5 years. Otherwise, a battery that is dying will slow your iPhone down and cause other unwanted behavior.

Gone are days of popping your battery our of your phone. iPhone 8 Plus battery replacment requires special tools and expertise. Once your phone starts seeming slower than normal, chances are it’s time for a new iPhone battery.

Camera Replacement

One of the nicest features about an iPhone 8 is the ability to take a picture no matter where you are. It’s time for an iPhone camera repair when you notice pictures are not in focus. Not sure? We offer a free diagnostic to determine your iPhone camera issues.

Once we determine that you need a new iPhone 8 camera, we will go to work in our repair shop and have it back to normal in no time. We only use the highest quality parts in all of our repairs. We never cut corners or try to fix things second rate. You can rely on iSquad Repair!

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