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It is very easy to break your brand new cell phone. Anyone that owns a cell phone is well aware of how quickly a brand new expensive phone can become a shattered brick and in need of cell phone repair. On the other hand, maybe the damage isn’t quite as extensive and doesn’t require a cracked screen replacement or LCD repair. Sometimes through normal use of a cell phone, small features like the charging port start to become unreliable. Subsequently, you find yourself wiggling the charging cable around several times to get the phone to actually start charging. Or, the phone simply stops charging completely. Most importantly, bring it to our cell phone repair shop in Santee for fast and friendly service.

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Cell Phone Screen Repair in Santee

It’s never good when you have a cell phone with a cracked screen. For example, not only is it difficult to see the contents of the display, but there is also a risk of injury from small shards of glass that are a result of a broken cell phone screen. When it becomes cracked, it is good to have options in Santee to get your cell phone repaired both professionally and affordably. If your cell phone is out of warranty, the most important thing is that you find a repair shop that can do cracked screen repairs at a reasonable price.  Bring it to our cell phone repair shop in Santee. We don’t just do same day service. In most cases, we do same-hour service!

Battery Replacement Basics

The days of easily replacing your old cell phone battery are gone. Cell phone batteries have a very interesting history. In the past, cell phones had mostly external removable batteries. It was simply a matter of popping the back off your phone and putting in a new battery. Today, most new phones have batteries that are built into the phone and require special tools and expertise to replace them. At iSquad Repair in Santee, we can have a brand new battery in your phone with a non-removable battery within 30 minutes. Find out how to tell if your phone needs a new battery. Our shop in Santee excels in cell phone repair.

Saving a Cell Phone from Water Damage

There are several ways a cell phone can get water damage. It can get dropped in water, water can spill on it, or you can jump in the pool with your phone still in your pocket. Whatever the case may be, the first thing to do when your phone is exposed to water is to turn the phone off as quickly as possible. Removing the SIM card is the next step. After that, try to remove as much liquid as possible using a dry rag. Use a Q-tip to dry out other areas of the phone including the charging port and earpiece socket. After doing all of these things, bring your cell phone to iSquad Repair in Santee for water damage diagnostic and fantastic cell phone repair in Santee. From there we will restore your phone to working condition at an affordable price.