iPhone 13 Pro Max Repair

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Have you been wanting to get your broken phone fixed for days? Has the screen on your phone been cracked for weeks now and nobody wants to touch it?

Finally, an answer to all of your problems. At iSquad Repair, we're experts in all iPhone 13 related repairs. From battery replacement to screen repairs and more, there's nothing we can't fix!

Stop wasting time looking for a place that can do what you need done. Head over to our store right now and come see why we have become the #1 choice for iPhone 13 pro max repair.

Screen RepairPrice
iPhone 13 Pro Max Screen Repair$449.99
iPhone 13 Pro Max Charging Port Replacement$329.99
iPhone 13 Pro Max Back Glass Replacement$279.99
we repair all versions of iPhone 13

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Charging port issues? We can help

Your 13 Pro Max's charging port gets damaged. Even though it doesn't seem like a big deal, it ends up being harder than you thought to just charge your phone while on the go.

Imagine not having to worry about the hassle of a broken charging port. Imagine not needing to always remember your USB cord and looking for places to charge your phone when on the go.

With iPhone 13 Pro Max Repair service, these days can become just a memory. There's no need to purchase a new phone when yours can be repaired affordably and quickly by our expert technicians. Contact us today!

Come to us when you need a battery for your iPhone 13 Pro Max

Are you having battery issues with your iPhone 13 Pro Max battery? You notice it doesn't last as long as it used to. Your phone can barely even last for a full day.

Picture no longer having to worry about battery life ever again. Picture never worrying about checking your phone again just in case it died during the day.

All you need is an iPhone 13 Pro Max battery replacement from iSquad Repair. Contact us and let us help you today!

We Care About You and Know that Accidents Happen

You might be wondering why we provide 13 Pro Max Repair services here at iPhone 13 pro max screen repair. The answer is simple - we care about you and know that accidents happen.

If you would like information on our services, or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us today at iSquad Repair

We do it all! Charging ports, battery replacement, screen replacement, all guaranteed - with 8 locations throughout San Diego County.