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iPhone 14 Repair

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iPhone 14 Repair Pricing

iPhone 14 repair prices as of June 2023.

Screen Repair Price
iPhone 14 CALL
Battery Repair Price
iPhone 14 CALL
Back Glass Repair Price
iPhone 14 CALL
Charging Port Repair Price
iPhone 14 CALL

All prices are subject to change

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iPhone 14 Repair Services

At iSquad Repair, we understand the importance of keeping your iPhone 14 in optimal condition. Our expert technicians are here to provide top-quality repair services for various issues that you may encounter with your device. Whether you need a battery replacement, screen replacement, charging port repair, or any other repairs, we’ve got you covered.

Battery Replacement

Is your iPhone 14 struggling to hold a charge or draining battery quickly? Our technicians can efficiently replace your iPhone 14 battery with a high-quality replacement. We use genuine parts and ensure that your new battery is installed properly, restoring your device’s battery life and performance.

Screen Replacement

If you’ve accidentally dropped your iPhone 14 and ended up with a cracked or shattered screen, don’t worry! Our skilled technicians can replace your damaged screen with a brand new one. We source high-quality screens and perform precise installations, leaving you with a clear, vibrant display.

Charging Port Repair

Is your iPhone 14 not charging properly or experiencing connectivity issues when plugged in? Our experts can diagnose and repair faulty charging ports. We will carefully inspect your device, clean or replace the damaged charging port, and ensure that your iPhone 14 charges smoothly and reliably again.

Water Damage Restoration

Accidents happen, and if your iPhone 14 has been exposed to water or any other liquid, immediate action is crucial. Bring your device to our repair center, and our technicians will perform a thorough water damage assessment and restoration process. We have the expertise and tools to minimize damage and bring your iPhone 14 back to life.

Other Repairs and Services

In addition to battery replacement, screen replacement, and charging port repair, our technicians are skilled in handling a wide range of other iPhone 14 repairs. Whether it’s camera issues, speaker problems, software glitches, or any other hardware or software-related concerns, we have the expertise to resolve them promptly and effectively.

Contact iSquad Repair today for reliable, fast, and affordable iPhone 14 repair services. We pride ourselves on delivering professional and friendly service, backed by our commitment to quality workmanship and a lifetime warranty on parts and labor. Your satisfaction and the proper functioning of your iPhone 14 are our top priorities.