iPhone 6S Screen Replacement

iPhone 6S Screen Replacement is our specialty. Along with with screen, there are several components on the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus that are prone to damage. At iSquad Repair, we carry in stock most of the components that need to replace, ensuring that your repair is finished as quickly as possible. We perform screen repair and replacement, LCD replacement, battery replacement, back camera replacement and more. All of our work comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

iPhone 6S Screen Replacement Prices:

Screen RepairPrice
iPhone 6S$59.99
iPhone 6S Plus$69.99
Battery RepairPrice
iPhone 6S$49.99
iPhone 6S Plus$49.99
Back Camera RepairPrice
iPhone 6S$49.99
iPhone 6S Plus$59.99
Charging Port RepairPrice
iPhone 6S$59.99
iPhone 6S Plus$59.99
iphone 6S screen replacment
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6S Screen Replacement and Repair

Do you have a cracked iPhone screen and you are in need of a screen repair? When it comes to iPhone 6S screen replacement, There are a couple of options. You can have it replaced with an original Apple screen, or choose to have it replaced with an after-market screen. The after-market screen is less costly and isn’t built to the strict requirements of Apple. All of the features and functions work with some minor differences. One of the differences is that the after-market screen is quite as bright as the original screen. Bring your cracked iPhone to us and we’ll show you the differences. Either way, we’ll have your phone fixed in no time.

6S Battery Replacement

Many of our customers choose to get the battery replaced when they get the screen repaired. This is because the battery will lose its ability to hold a charge over time. It will also result in a slower operating device. Battery replacement on an iPhone 6S or 6S Plus can be a DIY project, but a professional tech has the tools and knowledge necessary to thwart any further damage to the phone in the repair process.

The best way to avoid needing a new battery is to charge your iPhone 6S only at night. Mid-day charging and frequent charging will result in a battery that will wear out faster.

6S Camera Replacement

The replacement of an iPhone camera is a very tricky process. When the iPhone 6S has a bad camera, your pictures will either be out of focus, and in some cases all black. This is referred to by others as “iPhone camera black screen”.

The process to replace the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus requires the use of a hard plastic pick and a heat gun. The screen is glued to the frame and must be removed before a battery can be replaced. As you can tell, this is a process that goes better when a skilled technician is doing the work.

FAQs About iPhone 6S and 6S Plus Repair

How do I extend my iPhone 6S battery life?

One of the issues with an iPhone 6S is maintaining long battery life. If the battery doesn’t need to be replaced, you can utilize the Low Power mode to extend battery life. This mode extends the battery life by shutting off non-essential services. Also, playing games, taking photos and other battery-draining activities can be avoided as well.

Why won’t my iPhone 6S turn on?

When your iPhone 6S fails to power up, there can be several things at play. The first is to make sure the battery is not dead and is able to hold a charge. One thing to try is to hold down Sleep/Wake and Home buttons together and hold them for 30 seconds. If it still does not turn on, bring it to an iPhone repair shop to have a new battery installed.