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iPad Pro 10.2 Screen Repair and Replacement, Battery Replacement, and Back Camera Replacement

iPad Pro 10.2 Repair Prices:

Screen RepairPrice
iPad Pro 10.2$179.99
Battery RepairPrice
iPad Pro 10.2CALL
Back Camera RepairPrice
iPad Pro 10.2CALL
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iPad 10.2 Professional Screen Repair

When it comes to getting your iPad 10.2 fixed, look no further than iSquad Repair. Cracked screen? No problem. We can have your iPhone 10.2 cracked screen repair done within 30 minutes or less. Screen accidents happen all of the time. Sometimes it’s a small hairline crack across the screen, and others the entire screen becomes shattered. In both cases, the iPad 10.2 screen replacement is not something that is possible without the correct expertise and professional tools. At iSquad Repair, all our technicians are trained and certified to tackle even the most damaged screens. We use care and expertise to make sure the cracked or shattered iPad is restored to its original state. You can rely on iSquad every time to make sure your device is fixed correctly every time. We are here when you need us.

iPad 10.2 Battery Replacement

The iPad 10.2 comes with a battery that was designed for uninterrupted use. However, over time, the battery loses its ability to hold a charge. Some of the signs this is happening include a battery that will not charge completely. You plug in the iPad 10.2 and wait the usual amount of time to have it charged completely, but you notice that the iPad doesn’t actually charge to its full capacity. This is an issue that will continue to get worse to the point where the battery will not hold a charge at all. An iPad with a dead battery becomes a paperweight at most. Sometimes the battery will swell. This is something that needs to be fixed right away as the swelling will cause further damage to the LCD and frame. Bring it to iSquad Repair and we’ll make sure you have a brand new battery installed within 30 minutes. We also guaranteed all of our work so you will not pay until you are completely satisfied.