iPad Mini Repair in San Diego

iPad Mini Repair is our specialty. We fix the entire series of iPad Minis at iSquad Repair. Bring to us for prompt and professional service. We have 7 locations throughout San Diego as well as free mobile service anywhere in San Diego.

iPad Repair Prices:

Screen RepairPrice
iPad Mini 1 and 2$79.99
iPad Mini 3$179.99
iPad Mini 4$179.99
iPad Mini 5$189.99
iPad Mini 6CALL
Battery RepairPrice
iPad Mini 1 and 2$79.99
iPad Mini 3$89.99
iPad Mini 4$99.99
iPad Mini 5109.99
Charging Port RepairPrice
iPad Mini 1 and 2$129.99
iPad Mini 3$129.99
iPad Mini 4$149.99
iPad Mini 5$149.99
Back Camera RepairPrice
iPad Mini 1 and 2$69.99
iPad Mini 3 and 4$69.99
iPad Mini 5CALL
ipad mini 9,7 repair and battery replacement
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iPad Mini Screen Repair

Rather than throw away your broken iPad Mini and spending tons of money on a new one, bring it to us for a free diagnostic. We will not charge you a dime to inspect your iPad Mini to discover the exact nature of the problem. Most of the time, repairs needed include screen replacement and repair, battery replacement, home button repair, and water damage repair. Whatever the issue, once we fix it, we give you a lifetime warranty on all parts and labor.

Screen Repair – How Long Does it Take?

Not sure if you want to get your iPad Mini’s screen repaired? Many times customers put off getting devices fixed because they don’t want to wait until the repair is complete. At iSquad Repair, many times we can fix your iPad Mini within 30 minutes. We carry most of the replacement parts in stock and the turnaround time is very quick. If you’re in a hurry and want it fixed right away, we are here for you.

Battery Replacement

One of the quickest and easiest iPad Mini repairs is battery replacement. When is time to replace your iPad Mini battery? The signs include a battery that will not charge, a battery that drains rapidly, or a battery that charges very slowly. A dying battery will also slow your device down significantly. Not to worry! Within 15 minutes, we can replace your battery and restore full power to your iPad Mini.