iPad Pro 12.9 Repair San Diego

iPad Pro 12.9 Screen Repair and Replacement, Battery Replacement, and Back Camera Replacement

iPad Pro 12.9 Repair Prices:

Screen RepairPrice
iPad Pro 12.9 First Gen$279.99
iPad Pro 12.9 Second GenCALL
iPad Pro 12.9 Third Gen279.99
iPad Pro 12.9 Fourth Gen299.99
iPad Pro 12.9 Fifth GenCALL
Battery RepairPrice
iPad Pro 12.9 First Gen179.99
iPad Pro 12.9 Second Gen179.99
iPad Pro 12.9 Third Gen179.99
iPad Pro 12.9 Fourth Gen179.99
iPad Pro 12.9 Fifth GenCALL
Charging Port RepairPrice
iPad Pro 12.9 First Gen179.99
iPad Pro 12.9 Second Gen179.99
iPad Pro 12.9 Third Gen199.99
iPad Pro 12.9 Fourth Gen199.99
iPad Pro 12.9 Fifth GenCALL
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iPad Pro 12.9 Screen Repair

The iPad Pro 12.9 is the largest of the iPad models. It rivals most newer laptops and computers, but it is not a computer. It is very thin and is faster than most PC laptops available on the market today. The pro cameras on the rear of the iPad bring digital photography to an entirely new level. When your iPad Pro 12.9 is in need of screen repair, we have you covered. Our trained and professional technicians have the expertise and know-how to make sure your cracked or broken iPad Pro 12.9 screen is restored to its original condition. We used the latest tools and techniques to restore your iPad in no time.

iPad Pro 12.9 Battery Replacement

The iPad Pro 12.9 comes with a 9720mAh battery and the battery life is the only thing that isn’t the best on this model of iPad. It could definitely use a bigger power pack. Using the iPad over long periods of time will slowly wear the battery’s life down. You might notice that the battery doesn’t completely charge, or runs out of battery life much quicker than when you originally purchased it. It might also start swelling, or your iPad might be slower in performance. These are all indications that your iPad Pro 12.9 needs a new battery. This is not something that can be done by the average person buying a DIY kit on Amazon. It requires the expertise and training of a professional iPad repair shop. Bring it to us and we’ll have a new battery in place within 30 minutes. We also have a 100% satisfaction guarantee so you will leave our shop with a smile on your face. The battery itself also comes with a lifetime warranty so if something is defective with the battery, we’ll replace it at no cost to you.

iPad Pro 12.9 Free Repair Diagnostic

Your iPad Pro 12.9 stops working the way it was intended. Maybe there is an issue with the earpiece or speaker, the LCD is not displaying correctly, or you are unable to connect to the internet. There are many things that can malfunction on this iPad and sometimes it’s not really clear what the issue is. Bring your iPad to us and we’ll do a free diagnostic on it to determine what the issue might be. There is never a charge for our diagnostic service. Once we determine what the nature of the issue is, we’ll offer you a price to repair your device. If you decide to not get it repaired with us, we will still not charge you a dime for taking a look at it. If you decide to get it fixed, we’ll have it repaired in no time and at a very reasonable and affordable cost.