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Free Diagnostic for Macbook Repair Issues

What exactly is a “free diagnostic”? Many times Macbook owners have a need for screen replacement, battery replacement or they simply not sure what the problem is. Macbook pro repair can be costly, and it brings peace of mind when you are able to find an affordable solution. At iSquad Repair, we will give you a free diagnostic, and then offer you a fair repair price. There is no charge, obligation or requirement for this free diagnostic.

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Hard Drive Data Recovery from your Macbook Pro

Did you lose your data? Is your data not backed up and you are in dire need of important files? Here at iSquad Repair, all of our techs are professionaly trained to retrieve your data. The stress stops when you bring your laptop to use to recover your files. If you have erased files from your machine and have no backup, we offer data recovery services.

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Macbook Pro Screen Replacement

We offer Macbook Pro screen replacement and keyboard replacement. What is the cost for screen replacement? The price range to fix an LCD screen varies based upon the model. However, Macbook Pro screen repair is always less expensive than the cost of purchasing a new one. When you bring your Macbook in, we’ll give you a quote within minutes after we look up your model number. We also have a lifetime warranty on parts and labor.

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Water Damage on your Macbook Pro

One of the most common mishaps with Macbooks is when liquid spills on your laptop and the it will not boot up. We are professionally trained to resolve water damage issues and get your computer back up and running in no time. You can trust iSquad Repair to make sure your laptop is fixed in the shortest time possible so you can get back up and running. Stop by one of our 4 locations for a free diagnostic estimate.