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We offer Google Pixel Repair: Screen Replacement, Battery Replacement, and Back Camera Replacement.

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Google Pixel Repair

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About the Google Pixel Phone

The Google Pixel phone first hit the market in 2016 and was introduced as Googe’s first official smartphone. Prior to this, Google focused more of its attention on Nexus products but Google did not exclusively design and develop these phones.

One of the distinguishing features of the Google Pixel phone is a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor. This allows for quicker access to the phone past the security check to open it. It also has a 441 pixels per inch screen for a vivid display.

Google Pixel Screen Repair

Cracked your Google Pixel screen? At iSquad Repair, we specialize in fixing all of the associated problems and repair issues with it. One of the biggest issues is screen replacement and repair. We can have your Pixel phone’s screen replaced within 30 minutes with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer’s defects.

Battery Replacement for your Google Pixel

Need a new battery for your Google Pixel? Rather than buying a new phone when the battery stops holding a charge or the battery is compromised, we can have a new battery installed in minutes at a very reasonable cost. Give us a try!