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We offer LG Phone Screen Repair and Replacement, Battery Replacement, and Back Camera Replacement.

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LG Phone Repair

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LG Phone Repair Made Easy

Did you drop your LG phone and now the screen is cracked? In need of a screen replacement for your LG Phone? Rather than buying a new phone, bring it in for repair and save. We can replace the cracked screen and bring your phone back to normal working condition, without all of the cracks and chips.

Battery Replacement for LG Phones

When your LG Phone stops holding a charge or it simply will not turn after charging it for several hours, it might be time for a battery replacement. You will also notice a significant slow-down with your device when the battery starts to drain and become useless.

Camera Replacement for LG Phones

One of the nicest features of an LG phone is having a camera that takes quality pictures. When the camera is in need of replacement, your pictures will come out blurry and sometimes not at all. We got you covered here at iSquad Repair. One of our techs will have a new camera installed in 30 minutes or less and your LG phone will once again be a fantastic camera.