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Need Surface Pro Repair? Commonly Asked Questions About Surface Pro Repair

Can a Surface Pro screen be repaired?

A Surface Pro that has a cracked or damaged screen or LCD is not something that can be repaired. In this case, it will need to be replaced. A technician will use specialized tools to disassemble a Surface Pro and replaced it with a new screen.

How do I know if the Surface Pro battery needs to be replaced?

The Surface Pro has a battery that will last over ten to twelve hours, depending on the type of use. When it starts to lose power more quickly, it is a sign that you will need to replace the battery. Eventually, the battery will not hold a charge at all and will require being plugged in at all times. Battery replacement requires specialized tools and training.

Surface Pro Repair Prices:

Screen RepairPrice
Surface Pro 3199.99
Surface Pro 4299.99
Surface Pro 5299.99
Surface Pro 6299.99
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Surface Pro Repair
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Surface Pro Repair is Difficult

Based upon a survey of techs across the nation, the Microsoft Surface Pro is one of the most challenging devices to repair. Opening the device alone puts the display cables at risk for further damage. There is tons of adhesive in place to hold the Surface Pro together. At iSquad Repair, we have repaired many of them and have the expertise and tools required making the repair a seamless process.

Battery Replacement

Is your Surface Pro not turning on? Many times it could be because the battery pack inside needs to be replaced. Another tell-tale sign is when you unplug the Surface Pro and it immediately shuts off. We can do a free diagnostic and help determine if, in fact, the battery needs to replaced. Then, one of our trained technicians will have a new battery installed in no time.

Screen Repair

Sometimes a cracked screen is very obvious and you see a broken LCD as well as a cracked screen. Other times the screen damage is not as noticeable, but you will find that the Surface Pro becomes unresponsive to the user’s touch. Sometimes this can be as simple as there being dirt of residue on the screen. Either way, we at Isquad Repair will get your device back to normal operating condition, with a lifetime guarantee.