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We Offer Same-Day Repairs

Here at iSquad Repair, all of our Samsung phone repair is done using genuine Samsung parts by our in-house technicians. We guarantee our work with a full lifetime parts warranty with same day repair. Any part we use to repair your device is guaranteed not to fail. If in the unlikely event it does, we will offer a same-day repair service free of charge to correct the problem.

Repairing Samsung Devices Since 2009

iSquad Repair has been in the business of mobile cell phone repair and Tablet repair since 2009, and over many years have served many happy customers. We have expanded our business over the years to handle the latest in mobile cell phone and Tablet computer technology.

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Help! My Samsung Galaxy Has a Cracked Screen!

The Samsung Galaxy phone is one of the best products on the market. Congratulations on making a great purchase. Unfortunately gravity and the Samsung phone are not very compatible. When you need Samsung screen repair, visit the proven Samsung repair shop. We offer a lifetime warranty on all parts and labor.

Why Isn’t My Samsung Galaxy’s Camera Taking Pictures?

Samsung Galaxy boasts a very powerful camera. Modern techonology allows us to carry around in our pocket a sophisticated camera device. When it stops taking clear pictures, the lens becomes cracked, or no pictures at all, it’s time to get the camera replaced. Rather than spend extra money to buy a new Samsung phone, we repair them at a fraction of the cost. Our proven and tested repair service comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

How Come My Samsung Galaxy isn’t Holding a Charge?

After owning a Samsung Galaxy phone for a period of time, you might notice the battery life slowly diminishing. Or, you might notice that at some point the battery completely stops charging. Bring it to us. We’ll have your battery replaced in no time. Samsung battery replacement will restore your Samsung back to it’s original state. Read more about the signs and symptoms of a bad cell phone battery.